It’s Lizzie time! I want to briefly comment on two things, first, Joe’s suggestion for MVL “Most Valuable Lizzie(er)”. We’ll identify the commenter with the most Lizzies in each column (using the usual scale – one point for each Lizzie, three points for the Lizard) and they can wear their crown proudly until someone knocks them off.

Second, cap’n’s desire for a Lizzie Per Comment (LPC) average. Several reasons why we’re going to skip that one (though I do understand it’s statistical attraction!) Mainly, Joe would need full time staff to count everyone’s total comments for the denominators. But also, in this context volume matters. It does us no good to have every person make one comment per week, even if that’s the very best comment they’ve ever written. Our point here it to encourage participation, encourage humor, encourage timely, thoughtful posting. So it doesn’t behoove us to reward the person who drops by once and makes one helluva comment never to return, even though their LPC would be fabulous.

I’m also removing the overall yearly score numbers and just posting the top 10. That’s how I did it last year and I like it better that way.

Ok, enough of that. Who knew there could be so much to yap about over a bunch of Lizzies! Here we go!


  • These Chris Volstad recaps are beginning to write themselves.
  • I’ll admit Campana is a one-trick pony, but it is a pretty fantastic trick.
  • I thought you were a Phillies fan which seemed confusing since your sentence structure was grammatically correct.
  • Never miss the cubbies when they’re in town! Gotta represent VFTB Cincy chapter :)
  • in this young season there are fewer things more entertaining then watching Tony Campana run the bases.
  • You hear enough about the negative, but I feel we never get enough of the positive.  There really are good guys all over the game of baseball doing good things.
  • Thursday ushered me into a new chapter of my life, I’m a grandfather for the first time.
  • Even with a minor league contract he’s making more money than us working saps – and he gets to play baseball everyday.
  • is it bad that I can’t remember how many, if any, of the comments above are mine?
  • You know Barney came in 7th in ROY voting last year? True story.
  • I’m starting to think Dempster did something to Marmol.
  • If I’m Dempster, I will beg, plea, bribe, cry and threaten Sveum if he ever puts Marmol in to close one of his games again.
  • Ryan Dempster tossed eight shut-out innings. He certainly deserved a better fate.
  • As of this writing, no Cubs have been killed in action.
  • If you are building for the future then you almost have to keep rolling him out there and hope he catches fire at some point, either literally or figuratively would work for me.
  • This is what I have been waiting for since 2010, young talent and a front office that is looking to the future.
  • All of a sudden the Cubs look like a baseball team.
  • maybe just the fact that Geo cut his hair and hit a dinger! Yup, thats it…..
  • Top production for bargain prices. LaHair is Costco.
  • It’s like watching a train wreck, you don’t want to look, but you can’t help it.
  • Can’t worry about the fans. Make the best baseball decision you can and let the PR chips fall where they may.
  • I’m already enjoying this season more than I thought I would.
  • I do not expect the playoffs, I do expect fun baseball watching the young guys learning and hustling.
  • Expectations unadjusted…for as poorly as we started, we were bound to have at least one “where did that come from?” stretch.
  • Holy sh#t, I agree…
  • I hope the bigger message is that we can now rely on our pitchers to protect our hitters each and every time.
  • Throwing at Marlon Byrd and Alfonso Soriano is pointless. They’d probably just swing at those pitches anyway.
  • It takes balls for another man to come out and say he likes a dude’s haircut.
  • don’t worry Brewer fans [Ramirez] will start hitting just as soon as you are 15 games off the pace, might be soon!
  • I’m actually starting to believe that this team can actually be somewhat respectable this season, but only as respectable as our makeshift bullpen will allow us to be.
  • Bonus points awarded for starting an argument with yourself…
  • That is a called a Lizzarue, look for it this Thursday.
  • This was like 3 separate games with the first 6 innings being a pitchers duel, innings 7-9 were a high scoring softball game and with 10-13 being a clinic on poor offensive fundamentals for both teams.
  • seems the coaching staff might have told the training staff that Marmol needed some DL time.
  • the trade had zero to do with who would perform at a higher level in 2012.
  • I hope your day was well spent with the people that love you the most.
  • Maybe Dempster should try the matted hair tornado hair-style as well.
  • I believe Seymour is using MILF.TV
  • Put simply, Sullivan’s exasperation with the Cubs is exasperating.  Who wants or needs to read that every day, over and over?
  • If you’re one of the five people in the world still reading Paul Sullivan’s stuff, now is a good time to stop.


  • Relievers Distressers: The Cub bullpen is terrible, that is all.


  • This week’s Most Valuable Lizzie’er goes to: Jedi Johnson! Congratulations Jedi!

2012 Standings

1.   Doc Raker
2.   Jeremiah Johnson
2.   jswanson
4.   Jedi Johnson
5.   Seymour Butts
6.   cap’n Obvious
7.   Buddy
8.   Chuck
8.   Joe Aiello
10. Chet West

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c. I’m enjoying the team less than I thought I would.

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