Dodgers 3 @ Cubs 4

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

Rain delays suck, especially when you are the one doing the game recap.  Sundays near three hour delay put me on a collision course with some dinner plans.  Throw in extra innings and you have a snafu of sorts.  I was able to watch the first two innings and then the ninth and tenth.  A quick trip to the store for milk left me listening to the eleventh on WGN Radio.

The Good:

  • I am leading off the good with my guy, Tony Campana.  The guy had two solid hits today,  the second of which drover in the tying run in the ninth.   The were not little slappy knocks either, they were legit balls driven into the outfield.  The first hit was a single that he turned into a double with his otherworldly speed.
  • Ian Stewart got a hit in a pinch hit role today, why is this positive? Because it brought his average up to .204…..he is no longer below the Mendoza Line.
  • Brian LaHair went 3-for-4 and raised his average to .390…..he is still hitting.
  • Starlin Castro was only 1-for-5 today but his one hit drove in two runs.
  • Camp, Russell, and Dolis were all fantastic out of the pen today.  They managed to nail down five scoreless innings of ball to keep the Cubs in the game.  Camp and Russell are the class of this bullpen and Dolis is not far behind….I never thought I would say those words.
  • David DeJesus not only drove in the winning run with a walk but he had three of them today.   He is actually starting to look the part of a lead off hitter.
  • The Cubs won another series and seem to be on a small tear as of late.  Winning a series is always a good thing for this team.

The Bad:

  • Alfonso Soriano and Wellington Castillo went a combined 0-for-9 today.  Castillo is now 0-for-11 since being brought up and Soriano is well, Soriano.
  • The Cubs had a great chance to lock the game up in the ninth but DeJesus got thrown out at the plate on Campanas hit.  I am not sure why he was sent there as he was beat by quite a bit on the throw.  There was only one out and we would have had runners at second and third.  We surely would have brought that winning run in over the course of two at bats right? right?
  • In the tenth inning Joe Mather managed to get picked off first.  He got a little bit too much of a jump and got caught out in no mans land in a run down.

Well that’s about it from my angle.  Did anybody actually watch this whole game today and see something I missed?

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