Because of my schedule I had to wrap up my review on Monday evening this week. Never fear, though, I’ll pick up exacty where I left off for the next column. Until then, enjoy these gems. Great stuff this time around, guys (and gals!)


  • Somewhere, deep in the bowels of this underachieving Cubs team, lies a winner.
  • Wait a minute. You say Castro has less than desirable defense? I had not heard that around these here parts. I should get out more.
  • the Cubs should hold a fan contest for fans to bat in the final three slots because we wouldn’t be getting any less production.
  • At least Theo didn’t try to get my hopes up before the season – “we don’t have much talent” – as past regimes have tried to package journeymen as “the missing piece”
  • I would love to see a more dynamic competitive team out there, but I am content to suffer through what we have to suffer through so in the future we do not have to suffer.
  • Pandering is ugly. (that should get me a Lizzie, right?)
  • When designing comments specifically to be Lizzie worthy (and face it, this may be the best part of the year), Start with a modicum of Geo, some beef stock, and carrots. But don’t include LaHair. Nobody likes LaHair in their soup.
  • Pretty sad when wordsmithing to earn a Lizzie is more exciting then Cubs baseball.
  • If you’re intentionally trying to craft a Lizzie it won’t work. The Lizzie’s are subjective to whatever Lizzie’s dexterous mind is at any given moment and that is what makes them so much fun. You just never know what will dazzle her fancy.
  • Is it bad that I got my FLOTY (First Lizzie of the Year), and I can’t even find the dang thing in the list?
  • (Singing) The rhythm is gonna get you.
  • Who signed up to recap this horri-awful game?
  • Reed Johnson continued his tradition of being the man by coming in to pinch hit in the eighth and belting a leadoff double down the left field line.
  • I wish Byrd the best.  I always liked him, but it was time to part ways.
  • “Disabled List Signs Kerry Wood to a One-Year Deal.”
  • So yesterday the team almost really did reach bottom when Castro was hit. Thankfully it wasn’t a DL stint…
  • I can’t think of any player on the team who shows one ounce of emotion – ever. And that bugs me.
  • Pretty sure I noticed a slight frown on Soriano’s face the 2nd time he gassed at the plate with bases loaded.
  • Love the new “Stats Sunday” on the broadcasts by Len and Bob.
  • Why isn’t there a bigger deal being made about LaHair getting pulled?
  • I agree, LaHair should be getting every at bat at 1B.
  • I don’t like how Sveum is treating the Cubs like a Little League team.
  • But they play like a Little League team.
  • The 2012 definition of a successful series is one in which we don’t get swept. So, congrats on yet another successful series.
  • I know it would make Lizzie very sad to see her stallion behind the plate get shipped off to a foreign land, but I think he’s in play here.
  • catchers age in dog-years.
  • Perhaps the most important thing to come from this game – the Cubs finally won a series
  • As for Marmol, how many times does he get to do this?
  • the sheer number of opposite field hits we’re getting right now, especially in big spots is very encouraging.
  • Kyler Burke….he so dreamy
  • Admit it, there was some part of you that thought that maybe, just maybe, the Cubs would get a sweep of this series.
  • As a society of fans, we ought to do a better job of celebrating quality character and the players who exemplify it.
  • young, stupid, and a multi-millionaire is a bad combination
  • Walk forward with integrity and you never have to look backwards to cover your tracks.
  • I’ll be curious to see how Castro reacts in this series with all the advice he’s been getting  lately about being careful with the phillies.
  • Maholm beats Halladay, I hope the sun comes up tomorrow.
  • We lack guys who can do the hitting part…
  • Bobby Abreu was released, and no, the Cubs shouldn’t sign him
  • I have Super Cuts and Husqvarna ready to sign you as a spokes person
  • I just don’t see how you can count on [Marmol] in any type of high leverage situation
  • Campana is what I love about baseball..small ball.
  • Too bad baseball isn’t played like that anymore.
  • Why do you consider them “small-ball” guys?
  • Small balls?
  • Carlos Marmol is slowly sucking the life out of me.
  • I like having Mather in left field instead of Soriano.
  • I’d rather have a sack of potatoes in left field than Soriano.
  • Let him play himself out of the spot instead of just taking him out of it.


  • you reap what you sow

2012 Standings (1 point for each Lizzie, 3 points for the Lizard)

  • jswanson – 41
  • Doc Raker – 40
  • Jeremiah Johnson – 40
  • Jedi Johnson – 36
  • Seymour Butts – 36
  • cap’n Obvious – 31
  • Buddy – 26
  • Chuck – 24
  • JoeAiello – 20
  • Doug S. – 12
  • Chet – 11
  • Eddie Von White – 11
  • Norm – 11
  • Dustin Godsey – 10
  • Noah – 9
  • Kris – 8
  • Rich Beckman – 7
  • flyslinger2 – 6
  • gymjok – 6
  • Josh Cornwall – 6
  • (31 others < 5. I’ll post the full list every month or so.)

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  • LVCubFan

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