Cubs 5 @ Phillies 1

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

Do you ever have one of those days where you get excited about watching a game only to find out that your DVR didn’t record it? That was my night. I took my son to the urgent care and finally got him to sleep around 9p. I settled in on the couch and turned on the TV. What did I find? The game had never started to record for some reason and the channel wasn’t available. I spent the night frustrated and went to be early. As a result, all I know about the game is what you can read from the box score. So, I challenge you guys that watched it to tell me your impressions of what you saw in the comment section. Initial impressions from me:

  • Paul Maholm pitched the way I thought he would when he came over from Pittsburgh. Was he that much different from the other starts or does his box score just look good?
  • James Russell is off to a really nice start replacing Sean Marshall in the left specialist role out of the pen. He was awful at times early last year, but his development has been very quick. It just backs up my theory to develop a pen with organization guys.
  • We continue to see speed on the basepaths. The Cubs have been far more aggressive stealing than we’ve seen in a long long time. What is concerning is the success rate. We’re at 68%, which is just a hair less than the general threshold considered useful. If we’re going to be aggressive with the steals, it’s fine. Just make sure we’re doing it intelligently. Last night Tony Campana had two and Starlin Castro had one and was caught one. 75% on the night is acceptable.
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