Here’s something super exciting I just realized right this minute. By the time I publish the next GirlieView, the Cubs will be at Wrigley Field preparing for their opening game which will start a brief few hours later! Yay! We’re almost there!


  • Theriot was only close to being Mr. Cub like in one person’s mind.
  • The NHL could implement automatic playoff berths for all non-playoff-bound MLB teams.  They might already have that in place…I don’t follow hockey.
  • The number of long fly outs Soriano will admire from home plate, thinking they are home runs: 35
  • We’ve all had our boiling points reached with Soriano but with that being said, I think Cub fans that boo Soriano from the 1st inning of the 1st game are obnoxious
  • His sin is that he is a mediocre player that is being paid like an All-Star.
  • Whether he is unwilling or unable to make any adjustments to improve in those areas is not for me to decide–just know that he hasn’t, and that’s what I find most irksome about him.
  • perhaps the best place to start is choosing a bat that weighs less than his over-inflated ego
  • Cubs game on in the cubical…all is well.
  • I am loving the Cubs new “player development” angle.
  • I would rather the Cubs take the slow road to sustainable sucess than the quick fix of bad contracts.
  • When [Marmol] is on, they say he is untouchable.  When he is off, well, he is so far off it makes you wonder if he should go back to being a catcher.
  • To me, the best case scenario is that Marmol looks absolutely dominant in the first half of the season and the Cubs are able to trade him and most of his contract for above market value in July.
  • If I can squeeze the game onto one of our three DVR’s, without disrupting the princess’ 40 episodes of Dora The Explorer and Go Diego GO, I’ll watch the game late Sunday night.
  • If Cosmopolitan is the playbook for my gender, then heaven help us all.
  • bench players just aren’t very exciting.
  • My son asked for his autograph and he said he wasn’t Jeff Baker, if it wasn’t him it is hard to believe 2 guys at Wrigley that day had identical big  square jaws.
  • My name’s…uh…Beff.  Beff Jaker.
  • While he can play five positions (1B, 2B, 3B, LF, RF), he’s not particularly good at any of them.
  • That is a tough spring training assginement, 500 words on Jeff Baker. “Mediocre utilty defender, only hits lefty’s” would of done it for me.
  • Reason number 5,287 we’re all glad Doc doesn’t write for VFTB.
  • No appreciation for being succinct around here?
  • your team is your team, even when they sign Milton Bradley to an ill-advised $30M contract.
  • If Paul Sullivan makes a prediction, I’d bet the opposite.
  • Smarja will also be starring in the Cinemax flick “Golden Dome of Love” this month just in case his baseball career goes limp.
  • Three innings doth not a starter make.
  • why wouldn’t we hope he gets better? Don’t we all hope that EVERYONE gets better?
  • It’s that time of year. Everyone who is anyone is doing previews of the season. Some are good and some suck. Ours will probably suck.
  • My hope is that as Castro matures, so will his judgement.
  • “What can Cubs fans look for in 2012? Answer: 2013″
  • Everyday that I can I’ll be abusing my priviledge as a regular in my local sports bar to get the Cubs game on amid groans and heckles from the masses.
  • Same here, but replace “local sports bar” with “living room” and “masses” with “wife and daughter.”
  • A wise man once said, “Even the worst baseball game I ever watched was great.”
  • Would have been nice if somebody had organized a bracket to fill out, you know, just for fun.
  • Careful with those blanket statements about fanbases–you’ll start to sound like White Sox fan.
  • There are a lot of ways this team can improve without any manifestation of it in the win column, knowing and handling our pitchers is definitely one of them.
  • I consider it a good sign that someone considers my book worthy enough for toilet seat reading.
  • The Cubs strike a deal to move Alfonso Soriano and shift Bryan LaHair to LF to make room for Rizzo.
  • Joe teases me with this Soriano elsewhere stuff.
  • Crazier things have happened.  Today in fact…Pettitte just resigned with the Yanks.
  • I guess Ron Guidry wasn’t available.
  • A million dollars for nothing? Geez, that’s tough. I’d have to ask Soriano for advice.
  • I like Soto–not nearly as much as Lizzie, but certainly more than Joe.


  • Not a star.  Does not suck.  Sums up the 2012 Cubs.

2012 Standings (1 point for each Lizzie, 3 points for the Lizard)

  • jswanson – 32
  • Jeremiah Johnson – 31
  • Doc Raker – 28
  • cap’n Obvious – 26
  • Jedi Johnson – 22
  • Buddy – 21
  • Seymour Butts – 21
  • Chuck – 20
  • Chet – 9
  • Dustin Godsey – 9
  • JoeAiello – 9
  • Doug S. – 8
  • Kris – 8
  • Noah – 5
  • Norm – 5
  • 29 others with < 5. I’ll post the full list every few months.

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The VFTB March Madness tournament is in full swing, and here are the standings before any regional semi-final action beginning on the 22nd. (Total points so far followed by total possible points in parentheses):

  • Joe Aiello – 48 (168)
  • BSCTS FTW! – 46 (146)
  • Doug S. – 44 (164)
  • Allan Bendert Bracket – 42 (162)
  • Tom_C – 42 (150)
  • GirlieView – 41 (105)
  • Pugperro – 38 (118)
  • Tony #GoCubsGo – 38 (58)
  • THE BOLT – 38 (162)
  • Flyslinger2 – 38 (154)
  • Beckman’s Exercise in Futility – 36 (156)
  • SC Cubs Fan – 35 (147)
  • Speedo Emporium – 32 (92)

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