I was sitting on the toilet the other day reading a new book I got on Amazon to help me extract (well maybe not the best word choice given the sentence) my inner stat geek that I know is in there but can’t seem to find its way out. I set it as my goal this season to become more well versed on some of the intro to metrics type stats. I picked up Beyond Batting Average by Lee Panas and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Anyway, back to my toilet thought. I came up with an idea for a new post called “You Make the Call”. I’m not quite sure if it will always take the same format, but it’s basically designed for you to give feedback on baseball situations of some sort. We debut with this question.

You take the job as the manager for the Cubs. On your roster you have two shortstops. Both are completely equal in fielding ability, range, speed, age, etc. The only difference are their stat lines for last year. Here is a description of both.

Player A – Got 500 plate appearances and hit .350 with an on base percentage of .350 as well. He drew zero walks and never struck out. He had no extra base hits. all of the 175 hits he compiled were singles.

Player B – Got 500 plate appearances. During that time he failed to amass a single hit, but did finish with an on base percentage of .350 as well due to the fact that he drew 175 walks.

Which player do you start? Where do you hit him in the batting order? What is reasoning behind your decision?

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