Who Am I? is a feature here at VFTB designed to give some of the focus back to those who make the site a success: YOU! We’ll tell you a bit about one of our regulars and you guess who it is. We’ll be back later in the day with the answer.

(This is the final installment of Who Am I? for now. We’re going to actually be able to talk about real live baseball very soon so we’re clearing the decks in preparation for that! I do have a waiting list of folks who’ve already indicated they’d like to be included in case our beloved Cubbies are completely out of it and we’re bored by mid-May. So, if you’d like to be placed on the Who Am I? waiting list, let me know at lizzie@viewfromthebleachers.com … the more the merrier!)

Who Am I?

  • I’ve only been in the Chicago area since 2000, so I’m a fairly new (but no less enthusiastic) Cubs fan. I usually go to Wrigley once a year on my birthday. I’ve been a baseball fan since childhood.
  • I thought Hendry was ok and I have high hopes for Theo, though I don’t expect miracles. I do not expect the Cubs to contend in 2012.
  • I found VFTB through a Google search about four or five years ago, and was drawn to it because of the civility. My favorite part of the site is the conversation among the readers. It’s great to see people of such varied backgrounds coming together solely due to the shared love of a team.
  • I find Carlos Zambrano to be ultra-annoying, and I was sad to see Aramis Ramirez leave (even though I thought he needed a kick in the rear sometimes).
  • I favor a combination of stats and gut.
  • If I was to dine with Seymour he’d have the answer to a question he and Doc Raker have been asking for years.

Who Am I?

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Elizabeth Pearson stumbled upon VFTB around 2006, and enjoys encouraging conversation among the wide variety of readers brought together by their love of the Cubs. She’s married, has a Cub-loving pug named Phinneaus, and enjoys biking, hiking, cooking and gardening. She calls Chesterton, Indiana home and hopes to one day retire on Mackinac Island. Connect with Lizzie via email or Instagram.