VFTB is here today because of the extra finger of former Cub, Antonio Alfonseca

I was told that I have to tell the story of how I owe it all to Antonio Alfonseca. He is the reason VFTB is here today. I warned then that it’s not very interesting story, and I’ll warn again just in case you didn’t hear it the first tine. Still here? Alright, here’s how it happened. In 2003, I was incredibly into the season, for obvious reasons. I remember watching on the couch in October as the Cubs were just five outs away. I remember actually turning to my wife, who for some reason was on the couch next to me doing homework that the Cubs were just five outs away. We all know what happened after that. I went into a week  of mourning after that and finally decided to end it by searching for a picture of Alfonseca’s six fingers. I wanted to be that sick person that gawked and gaped over the traffic accident. Instead, what I found was a Cub blog no longer in existence. Blogging was still in the infant stages at that point. For the next few days I began to read what this writer had to say about the team and thought to myself “I can do that.” The rest is history. I started the blog on Blogger and it’s been all downhill since then. I’ve been fired up and burned out by Cubs baseball since then, but I’ve always enjoyed logging on each day and seeing the community we’ve built. You guys make this fun to do each and every day.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to address one of the problems I see with the site. I try not to moderate what goes on in the comment section, and for the most part we’ve seen a very tame community develop as a result. My one problem is the arguing that goes on when we discuss stats vs scouts. It’s the age old debate on which is the better way to evaluate the game that is played. People take it so personal and get very upset at the other side’s viewpoints. That said, I’d like to ask that we all agree that the stats people are never going to agree with the scouts and the scouts will never agree with the stats. That means Jedi is never going to see eye to eye with Norm on how to look at players….which is fine. What isn’t fine is how old it’s getting seeing the name calling and arguing as if the other side will come around. I’d like to ask that if you like stats, debate stats with the stat people. If you like scouts, leave the stats people alone. If you like Scouts, then debate that with the scouts people, with stats people staying out of the discussion. In other words, ignore the people who don’t evaluate talent the same way you do….please.

It’s not much of a Morning news post, but then again it wasn’t supposed to be. Since I feel bad with no news at all to this point, I’ll leave you with this.

Moneyball was completely shutout at the Oscar’s on Sunday night. If you’ve not seen the film yet, go do yourself a favor and rent it. You will not be disappointed.

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