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We’re running a College Basketball Tournament Pick’em here on VFTB for anyone who cares to participate. While some of us are enjoying the beginning of spring training, others are anxious for March Madness to begin! And others are just bored. This is just for fun … you don’t even have to know anything about college basketball to participate. Trust me on that one! In fact next time I’ll share some of my favorite bracket-picking methodologies with you! But for now, get yourself set up if you’re interested in playing, as follows:

  • Go to
  • Click on Join a Group (yellow button, middle of page)
  • Click on Join Group (under Accept an Invitation to Join a Group)
  • At this point you’ll be asked to sign into Yahoo or create a Yahoo ID if you don’t have one.
  • Also at this point I can’t really continue with the step-by-step instructions since I already have a Yahoo ID and also already signed up for the Tournament. But eventually you’ll need this information:
    Group ID = 4275
    Password = lizzievftb
  • You’ll be asked to create a name for your bracket. It would be helpful if you used something similar to the name you use to post around here but that’s not essential.
  • Once the teams in the tournament are determined and the games scheduled, you’ll be able to go back in and actually pick your bracket.
  • If you have any questions or need any assistance drop me a line at


  • Theo and Jed appear to be addressing the lack of quality pitching available by going for quantity instead.
  • I would most certainly not want Randy Moss on the Chicago Cubs next year, or the Chicago Blackhawks for that matter since those are my teams.
  • the Blackhawks might be better with Randy Moss.
  • the player that Soriano best compares to this season is David Dellucci and that might be an insult to poor Mr. Dellucci
  • Burma Shave
  • If Dempster ISN’T better in 2012 it’ll be the end of my letter writing campaign to have the term “contract year” repurposed as “Dempster year” because of Ryan’s penchant for performing at his peak only when a payday is imminent.
  • I like Soldier Field over the Cell.  Less scheduling conflicts and forced interaction with Sox fans.
  • At some point people have to take responsibility for themselves
  • If there was a chew ban imposed upon our team, our roster would be two guys deep.
  • I love the fact that Sox fans have collectively acted like 2012 won’t be happening.
  • I’ve found that it pisses Sox fan off a LOT more if I just don’t care.  They WANT you to hate them.  I choose to not care.
  • my wife and I welcomed our first child, Bennett, to the world on January 12.
  • I have been vocalizing my distaste for the DH around Emma…laying the foundation.
  • How does one get an avatar on this site?  Is there an application process?  Do I need to clean Lizzie’s house?  Kiss cap’n’s pinky ring?  How?
  • I’ve actually been considering rocking a pinky ring.  Chuck might have just forced my hand…
  • Between Raker and Butts – an unenviable position.
  • Man I gotta do something to get a lizzie!  I’m too old to wait much longer!!!
  • I swear I haven’t been drinking, the internet connection in Peoria is changing my letters. “I now have one less Lizzie than I do Twitter followers! Go Me!”
  • The MLB’s steadfast refusal to make thorough use of instant replay is past the point where you could reasonably call it “quaint” or “traditional.”
  • the only kind of playoff expansion baseball fans want to see is the expansion of the League Division Series to seven games.
  • The “human element” is really a euphemism for human error. We don’t need it.
  • Watching Doc purchase the annual “Bill James Handbook” at a Barnes and Noble.
  • You can bring a Doc to Barnes and Noble to purchase a Bill James Handbook but you can’t make him read it.
  • I could define my “bucket list” as enjoying every remaining day above ground.
  • as you get older you just set the bar MUCH lower – so when you take that “60-day cruise through the Panama Canal” you replace it with “make it Denny’s before 5pm WITHOUT forgetting your ‘meat-chewing’ dentures.”
  • It will be part of my memoir book “Things You Can’t Unsee: How a six fingered man led me to found VFTB”
  • I have half a mind to launch a Kickstarter account for us all to chip in and send Joe to Mesa next month so he can witness firsthand the sun-drenched majesty of Spring Training.
  • Cubs are always in first place during spring training since they have yet to lose a game for the upcoming season- hope springs eternal.
  • Dave and I always shared the mutual love for under appreciated and somewhat skillfully-limited baseball players
  • Quite a tribute..I understand he plays hard too!


  • WTSHEHTS???–What the sam hell ever happened to Sherm???

2012 Overall Standings (1 point for each Lizzie, 3 points for the Lizard)

  • cap’n Obvious – 23
  • jswanson – 23
  • Jeremiah Johnson – 21
  • Doc Raker – 19
  • Jedi Johnson – 18
  • Buddy – 16
  • Seymour Butts – 13
  • Chuck – 10
  • 29 others have < 10. I’ll run the full list every other month or so.

Shout Outs

Congrats to the following folks who got their first 2012 Lizzie this week!

  • Allan
  • Josh Cornwall

Lizzie’s Kitchen

Chit Chat

This past week Joe scheduled some Skype calls for the writers and I was explaining to him my Skype-a-phobia. I hate it. It’s not because of the video. Despite what I might say, I really don’t care if y’all know what I look like. It was just a fun little game I played when a few of the contributors thought I was Carrie Muskat! I hate Skype because of my experience the first time I used it.

This was several years ago. I was trying to get my parents set up on Skype so we could talk across the miles. If you have older parents you will understand how trying the installation process was, especially since I was here and they were in Pennsylvania (the whole point of the Skype in the first place!) Once we were all set up, I thought yay! Now I can talk to them and see them too, whenever I want! Well, the call lasted about three minutes. First, my father couldn’t even carry on a conversation because he was too busy watching himself. Next, my mother walked by wearing a nightgown that was too big on her hence her left boob was hanging out of the sleeve hole. It was a scene right out of Everybody Loves Raymond. Well, aside from the nudity.

I’ve never used Skype since, until this week. I was scarred for life. What’s your “scarred for life” story?

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