With the off-season officially in the past and the spring training drills firing up, I decided we needed another Five Burning Questions.  Today’s questions deal with compensation, that kid from Notre Dame and a lot of over unders. 

1) In general, if you had to describe your level of satisfaction with the Epstein/Hoyer regime to this point would you say you are:

A.  Extremely pleased

B.   Satisfied

C.   Very Medium

D.  Disappointed

*I am going with satisfied.  I could almost go with extremely satisfied but feel it is a bit early.  I do love the fact that we have a direction and purpose though.  That alone is reason enough for optimism.

2) Was Chris Carpenter fair compensation for Theo?

*I would take this every day of the week and twice on Sunday…..enough said…..

3) The Cubs had 71 wins in 2011, does this team eclipse that mark or fall short?

*I feel it will be over, but only by a few games and we will enjoy watching this team lose more than last years team. 

4) If you could choose one pitcher to make the rotation that doesn’t have a spot already locked up, who would it be?

*I am going with Samardzija.  After reading Doug Padilla’s column yesterday, it seems Jeff has gone full on psycho mode with his efforts to lock down a spot as a starter.  The effort alone makes me cheer for him, now as far as it actually happening???

5) Knowing what we now know, would you take back the Garza trade or would you still go through with it?

*I am very aware that I may be in the minority here, but I still like the trade.  It will really depend on Chris Archer’s perfromance in the next year or so.  He had a rough go of it last year in the minors.  Hak-Ju Lee looks like the real deal so far at shortstop, but he has yet to hit the bigs.  This deal may be the quintessential proof, good or bad,  that prospects are prospects until proven otherwise. 


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