Yep, Someone Was Watching: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, in a cave, or anywhere outside the MLB Network studios, you probably already know that baseball’s flagship cable network aired a one hour special at 10 p.m. (ET) on Wednesday night to unveil’s Top 100 prospects list for 2012. For those of you that missed this highly anticipated event, here’s a quick rundown of the future Cubs appeared on the list:

#67 – Javier Baez – SS

#37 – Anthony Rizzo – 1B

#33 – Brett Jackson – OF

To borrow a phrase from Tony Kornheiser: that’s it…that’s the list.

Miggy Making a Move: In a move that is surprising to no one, Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera confirmed Tuesday that he’ll be moving approximately 127.27 feet across the diamond in 2012 and reclaim his former spot at 3B. Of course, the position change was made necessary due to the addition of Prince Fielder, who as you know, signed a Fielderian sized contract on Monday to hold down first base in Motown for the next nine* seasons. 

*Please note, it is yet to be confirmed as to whether the length of this contract is based on human years  or “Mo Vaughn” years.

Breaking News! Gio Gonzalez Joined the Nats: If you read that and thought “Wait a minute, didn’t that happen a month ago?” you’re not going crazy…it did happen a month ago, when he was traded from Oakland to Washington. However, the Nats decided today would be a good day to hold a press conference welcoming their “big off-season addition”. Here’s a little timeline illustrating the decision process behind today’s presser:

Dec. 23 – Gonzalez is traded to the Nats after Washington is unsuccessful in luring Mark Buehrle to our nation’s Capitol.

Jan. 15 – Gonzalez signs the largest contract for a pitcher eligible for arbitration for the first time

Jan. 24 – The Nationals do not sign Prince Fielder

Jan. 25 – The Nationals, after being rumored to be involved in every big free agent dalliance this off-season, realize  “Oh $#%^, our fans were expecting something big this year to make up for last year’s Jayson Werth money pit…time to turn up the hype machine on this Gio kid!”

Something Makes Me Think We’ve Seen the End of Daryle Ward: The 36 year old former Cub (’07-’08) hasn’t played in the bigs since his days in Chicago, but he’s still been kicking around in the minor leagues for the last few seasons in hopes of making a comeback. This isn’t going to help – Ward will be sitting for the first 50 games of 2012 after violating MiLB’s ban on amphetamine use.

Oh, and one more thing: Doc Raker…the Italian Dusty Baker?

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