Well, I’m back. I just couldn’t stay away any longer. I want to thank Rachel Wisinski for keeping the GirlieView tradition going for the whole second half of 2011 while I pursued my bucket list. I’ve done some fun stuff and I’m not near finished but I’ll admit it, I missed you guys. Please give props to Rachel for a job well done!

I’m honored to alternate Thursdays with Jedi Johnson’s Northside Archives. Between the two of us we hope you’ll find something to make your Thursday afternoons interesting!

While a few of you may be happy to see me, I’m sure there are also some groans in the crowd right now. Why? Because when Rachel picked her Wizzies, she (rightly) rewarded actual baseball knowledge, coherent quotes, thoughtful contributions. Me? I’m more for humor and snark. And people who agree with me. Or disagree politely. You’ll catch on very quickly, I’m sure. Meanwhile, here’s the inaugural batch of 2012 Lizzies! Enjoy!!


  • Is it me?
  • Quick note on Disney etiquette…Do not refer to a crazy person as “f*cking goofy”. That has an entirely different meaning there. (Bleeps courtesy of Lizzie.)
  • Might this be the beginning of the end for Manning and the Colts?
  • And Sam Hurd…what pro franchise doesn’t have a felon or 2 on their roster.
  • More times than not, many more times, the rumors are not true.
  • I have often harped about the poor status of most local Chicago baseball writers. Bruce Miles is one of the exceptions
  • Nice interview Norm. I still think our VFTB staffers put out better quality than most of the beat guys on the team-level.
  • Just like when Rex Ryan told a radio show host that he’d take Mark Sanchez over Peyton Manning. What else is he going to say to the media? “My guy sucks and I wish we had somebody else.” Not likely.
  • The annual change from Jets everyday cap and phone wallpaper to Cubs happened Monday. Wonder when the change back will be in 2012?
  • Work out more and eat/drink less (dare to dream)
  • Eat/drink more and work out less (I’ve changed my mind!)
  • (“Good morning, Mr. Smith. I really hustled to finish that report you wanted. With a little grit and moxie, I think my clutch recommendations will improve our office chemistry!”)
  • Dale Svowell
  • I can’t wait for him to quit on Ozzie. He might be tougher to quit than D-Lee, Q, Michael Barrett’s face, and the Gatorade cooler were.
  • Ozzie vs. Zambrano would be fun to watch. However, I don’t know who I would root for. Maybe the ref?
  • If Johnson were to ever move closer to the plate he’d be standing on it.
  • Seymour is dining with his Ron Santo bobble head jswanson.
  • To the surprise of almost no one, Big Z will be joining Ozzie Guillen and his band of merry malcontents in Miami.
  • LaFirstbaseman
  • With Z gone, I’m hoping Rich Hill can finally get his chance to earn a rotation spot…
  • The part of me that is a little baffled by the trade terms for Zambrano is entirely over-ruled by the part of me that is cheering loudly that we’re done with Z’s antics!
  • I don’t think getting amped up for this team will be an issue this year. As currently composed, they stink on ice.
  • As bad as the Cubs could be, there are still the Astros, Pirates and Mets.
  • I’d put good money on the Pirates being better than the Cubs this year.
  • And thankfully we won’t have to have a 2012 Pena debate it would seem! Everyone wins.
  • Stories like this make me glad that I have been married for a long time. I don’t think I can even begin to remember how to date anymore.
  • these athletes need bedroom cameras, release forms, and a chaperon in modern times. I suppose a moral compass might help, but that’s not likely either (sad).
  • I’d eagerly swap places with Cubs’s shortstop Alex Gonzalez right around the time Moises Alou was throwing a fit in foul territory in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, and I’d make darn sure I didn’t mishandle the routine double-play ball that was about to come my way (you know, the one that’s really to blame for the Marlins’ rally that night).
  • if Alou doesn’t act like a 4 year old after the play, all is probably forgotten.
  • It also looks like we have enough pitchers to avoid a rotation with Doug Davis
  • I think LaHair will be at best Babe Ruth and at worst Buddy.
  • I think the Marlins have a very good chance of being an expensive (and high-profile) train wreck.
  • A wise man once said, “Even the worst pizza I ever had was pretty good.”
  • It’s hard to talk about him in real life and say things like “Colvin was traded because we have Brett Jackson, and also this Matt Scissors guy who could be good..”
  • Had to turn it down due to the excessive number of egomanaical fruit bat, cabbage eating cardio-thoracic surgeons in that area.
  • You should all enjoy the updates in a couple weeks after Butts, (ahem)Raker, myself, and a few other jagoffs exit cyber-baseball for a weekend and actually run around on grass for a weekend in Phoenix.


Standings (1 point for each Lizzie, 3 points for the Lizard)

  • Buddy – 7
  • jswanson – 7
  • Seymour Butts – 4
  • cap’n Obvious – 2
  • Chuck – 2
  • Doc Raker – 2
  • Dustin Godsey – 2
  • Jeremiah Johnson – 2
  • Eleven Others have 1 point each

Shout Outs

Congrats to the following folks who got their very first 2012 Lizzie this week (duh, everyone, since this is the first week. But it won’t be everyone in weeks to come!)

  • Bruce Miles
  • Buddy
  • cap’n Obvious
  • chris in illinois
  • Chuck
  • Danny B
  • Doc Raker
  • Doug S.
  • Dustin Godsey
  • Jedi Johnson
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Jeremy The Kid Johnson
  • john
  • jswanson
  • Kris
  • MJ
  • Noah
  • randy
  • Seymour Butts

Lizzie’s Kitchen

I’m sure the George Winston and David Lanz piano music on my iPod will excite no one. Likewise for what’s on my Kindle. But everyone eats, so here’s a look into my kitchen. For the next few weeks we’ll go with SuperBowl-type food. This feeds a huge crowd with a side bonus of keeping Seymour in business. Enjoy!

Chit Chat

Since we’re on the topic of football, there are four games on tap this weekend for your NFL enjoyment. Pick your winners! I’ll keep track and report back.

  • New Orleans @ San Francisco
  • Denver @ New England
  • Houston @ Baltimore
  • New York (Giants) @ Green Bay


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