Who Am I? is a feature here at VFTB designed to give some of the focus back to those who make the site a success: YOU! We’ll tell you a bit about one of our regular commenters and you guess who it is. We’ll be back later in the day with the answer.

(Would you like to be included? Let me know at lizzie@viewfromthebleachers.com … the more the merrier!)

Who Am I?

  • I was born in NW Indiana, and moved to Laramie, WY when I was 15. I now call the west coast home. I’ve been to Wrigley Field many times but not within the last decade.
  • I’ve been a Cubs fan since about age 8. I’m also a Packers fan. I particularly enjoy sports with the prefix Jello or Mud.
  • I liked Jim Hendry and think it’s too soon to tell about Theo. I’ve been around VFTB for two or three years now, and I jumped in feet first as soon as I decided on a suitable screen name. If my opinion is challenged I typically blow it off.
  • When Norm and Jedi go at it, I can’t keep them straight.
  • When asked if I knew what Gregg means in VFTB-speak I replied “Gregging right I do!”
  • When dining with Seymour I order Subway!
  • I’m married with a grown daughter, I was a Regional Junor Olympic Swim Champion at age 18, and I can honestly claim to have been driven in by a Ron Santo home run.

Who Am I?

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Elizabeth Pearson stumbled upon VFTB around 2006, and enjoys encouraging conversation among the wide variety of readers brought together by their love of the Cubs. She’s married, has a Cub-loving pug named Phinneaus, and enjoys biking, hiking, cooking and gardening. She calls Chesterton, Indiana home and hopes to one day retire on Mackinac Island. Connect with Lizzie via email or Instagram.