Every sports website on planet Earth has a New Year’s Resolution column, so why not VFTB? Here’s my annual list of promises that I have no intention of keeping.

This year I will…

  • Go to Wrigley Field more often (on my list every year)
  • Be patient with talented but frustrating players like Starlin Castro and Carlos Marmol
  • Ignore knucklehead fans who call radio shows and say the Cubs are losing because they don’t play “small ball”
  • Work out more and eat/drink less (dare to dream)
  • Turn down the volume on the TV when Len and Bob are broadcasting
  • Take the time to fully appreciate the positive contributions of Marlon Byrd and Darwin Barney (OK, this one is complete bullsh*t.  I could barely keep a straight face while typing.)
  • Truly enjoy every single loss by the Cincinnati Reds
  • Not get frustrated by awful All Star Game selections and the entire “now it counts” structure
  • Draft a better Diamond Mind Baseball team (again, on my list every year)
  • Read for enjoyment more often
  • Eat/drink more and work out less (I’ve changed my mind!)
  • Not injure myself when fans or broadcasters use wins to evaluate pitcher performances
  • Pay closer attention to Cubs prospects (even the crappy ones who are completely overvalued)
  • Use the words moxie, grit, hustle, chemistry, and clutch every single day, even when I’m not talking about sports (“Good morning, Mr. Smith. I really hustled to finish that report you wanted. With a little grit and moxie, I think my clutch recommendations will improve our office chemistry!”)
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