Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays!

What a lovely drive home it was admiring the decorations setting the neighborhoods ablaze along the way. As I sit here drowning in Christmas movies, I must take a moment to thank my lucky stars. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with the support from loving family and friends. And thanks to all of you for your consistancy in humor and  up-to-date news in my rough semester!

Now, I breathe a sigh of relief and must return to Home Alone…

The Wizzies

  • Until then, I suggest MLB get a big giant bag of frozen peas to put on yet another black eye.
  • Well looks the Brewers just signed Ramirez to play 3B. Another Cubs castoff to play 3rd. They should just call themselves the Milwaukee ex-Cubs.
  • A tree stump from my backyard to play Alfonso Soriano—OK, this suggestion hasn’t been approved yet, but they cover the same amount of ground in LF.
  • Mrs. Pujols, shut up and go shopping.
  • I think the reason Braun talks high-school-locker-room-ese is because he never learned any other words. He’s my least favorite ballplayer in either league and I hope his testosterone-enhanced dangly bits fall off.
  • Also for the record, the name of the rock band “Queen” was a double-entendre’.
  • Finally Koyie Hill is gone. He was reaching the Neifi/Macias territory.
  • I’m thinking about buying myself a hoodie-footie. I would look great in that leopard version.
  • Livan…Livan likes his money. Makes a lot they say. He spends his days counting…in a garage by the motorway.
  • Korey is no dummy Buddy, making millions to strike out is a better deal than digging ditches.

Top Wizzie Contributors


Doc Raker-49



Seymour Butts-26

Doug S.-23



Eddie Von White-13


Dusty Baylor-12

Question of the Week

I’ll keep it simple. What is the best part about the holiday season?

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