Happy Sunday! I must begin by giving a shoutout to Hoosier Nation and the IU men’s basketball team who defeated Kentucky in an uproar yesterday, the final basket even earning top play on SportsCenter. The timing couldn’t be less impeccable as finals creep around the corner this week…

My life has become a wonderful oxymoron. As the semester concludes, I can’t help but think about, and actually look forward to, the start of the baseball season. Sure, sure that may be obvious, but lately my life has taken a turn where baseball is the last thing on my mind. *Gasp* I know. I can’t believe it either. It’s funny how within a few short months your life can become something you had never seen coming.

Enjoy the little things while they’re still around. You just never know.

However, one thing we can all be certain about today is the continuation of Wizzie awards. Have at it.

The Wizzies

  • Mark Riggins’ mustache was the finest display of facial hair we’ve had on the team since Matt Clement’s goatee. We should probably start looking for someone to fill the fumanchu sized hole on the team…
  • Pitching coach…yawn. Soriano…yawn. Jap Pitcher…as long as he has good taste in sushi and can pitch to his contract, who cares.
  • First of all – hideous logo. Who designed that, the owner’s 12 year old daughter? Secondly – How long have they been keeping Rich Uncle Pennybags locked up? They spend $100 million on Reyes and now $27 million on Heath Bell, plus they are rumored to be flirting with King Albert. Goodness gracious. Looks like they can pay people to wear those awful uniforms…
  • I like Doc’s idea a lot. They should also take Bozo the Clown
  • Why stop there? The Marlins should also pay the Cubs utility bills, pick up their mail, mow the field, and clean the bathrooms.
  • Logic puzzles are a math major’s wet dream.
  • Darwin Barney mans all the positions because he is a gamer-grinder who hustles and plays the game “the right way.”
  • Joe: Are you angling for a lump of coal for Christmas? Maybe reindeer poop?
  •  I’m holding my breath for a move than cleans out our stock of mediocre infielders… we still have our ace in the hole: Jeff “Untouchable” Baker.
  • I had to moderate my own comment. I wonder what word it didn’t like. Probably “healthy”.
  • Bacon is meat candy.
  • Looks like Santa will be skipping Ryan Braun’s house, he’s been a very, very bad boy.

Top Wizzie Contributors

Doc Raker-48




Seymour Butts-25

Doug S.-22



Eddie Von White-13


Dusty Baylor-12


Question of the Week

Some of these moments may have previously been shared, but following Indiana’s win today, I must ask. What are the top three moments in sports you will always remember?

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