The Heisman Nominees Are In – LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu, Alabama RB Trent Richardson, Stanford QB Andrew Luck, Baylor QB Robert Griffin III, and Wisconsin RB Montee Ball are the five finalists for this year’s Heisman.

Luck was awarded with the Unitas Award yesterday. The award goes to “the nation’s top quarterback who best exemplifies character and scholastic and athletic achievement.” That is a pretty legitimate award, if you ask me. No need for another award like the Heisman… right? Sure. Let’s give it somebody that hasn’t won an award this season yet.

An Old Man Wants to Play Football Again – a certain 42-year-old ex-quarterback may be interested in playing for the Bears if they inquired of him. Lovie is not sold on the idea, however. He likes his team as it is, even with Hanie at the wheel. Reports have been that McNabb could possibly be going there, too. Good grief! Quarterback careers go to Chicago to die. Since 1992 the Bears have had over 20 different starters. Just say no to Favre.

Miami Marlins – First of all – hideous logo. Who designed that, the owner’s 12 year old daughter? Secondly – How long have they been keeping Rich Uncle Pennybags locked up? They spend $100 million on Reyes and now $27 million on Heath Bell, plus they are rumored to be flirting with King Albert. Goodness gracious. Looks like they can pay people to wear those awful uniforms…

Today, I’m going to borrow Joe’s idea and give you…

A Look Into Katie’s iPod

Going through my iPod, I realized that 90% of the music on there is of the Country variety. This one in particular has two of my favorite things: Country music and baseball.

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