So last night our office went bowling in a charity tournament for needy families. It was 8 pin no tap. If you’re not familiar with that format it basically means that if on your first roll you knock down 8 or more it counts as a strike. If you’ve never played that format, you’ve got to try it. Scores were so much higher. It was a lot of fun. I finished with a 153, 180, and 213. Definitely a much more fun way to play.


Tyler Colvin is not out the picture with the DeJesus signing – When I had read the news that the Cubs signed “the savior”, I immediately wondered what this meant for the Colvin starting spot. I had penciled him in at RF out of spring training and figured this would scratch that thought out. Apparently I’m jumping the gun. Jed Hoyer on the issue: “He’s certainly not out of the picture,” Hoyer said. ‘He’s got to come to camp and look to bounce back from [last season]. We signed DeJesus to round out the lineup and do everything we can to put a competitive lineup on the field. But to say [Colvin’s] out of our plans would be wrong.”

I hope that fuels Colvin to come back strong and be the player I still think he can develop into. I’m definitely rooting for him, but my confidence is waning.

Jerry Reinsdorf is fine with spending money – He’s been known for his reluctancy to go into the luxery tax range when it comes to the NBA, but he mentioned the other day that he would give strong consideration to incurring the luxury tax if the player acquisition gave the team a reasonable chance to win a championship. That’s an encouraging piece of news to see. The Bulls are so close at this point. A top notch two guard puts this team in the finals. I don’t get into NBA seriously until the playoffs, but I follow each game in terms of the winner / loser and I’m excited NBA basketball is just around the corner.

David DeJesus’ wife is easy on the eyes. Oh, and she tweets. – If you’d like to follow Kim DeJesus on Twitter, that can be done @kimdejesus12. She’s pretty excited about coming to Chicago. She tweets “I was born a cubs fan, and now im married to one!!!!!! :) COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!” You can see her picture here, if looking at pretty women is your kind of thing.


This is the largest known insect on the planet. When I saw the picture I thought to myself “sweet mother…that scares the crap out of me.”


This is where you the reader get to see the music I enjoy on a daily basis. Today’s selection is by Alabama 3, is is a song you’ll recognize as the theme for the now extinct HBO drama, The Sopranos. I have never seen the show, but I so dig on this song.

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