Strike One:  The MLB released the terms of the new CBA Tuesday.  Jonah Keri wrote an article at Grantland breaking down some of the repercussions the new deal will have for new players entering the league, and how teams that put most of heir money into the draft may need a new plan.  In light of the issues Keri raises, how important to you is parity in baseball?  Check back here Friday for Noah’s analysis of the new CBA.

Strike Two:  Tuesday morning the Tribune’s Phil Rogers put some thought into the rumors that the Cubs are listening to offers for Matt Garza.  To project what kind of haul the Cubs might receive in return for Garza, he looks at the players the Brewers gave up for Zach Grienke, and the handful of players the Cubs surrendered this time last year to bring Garza to Chicago.  Do you want to dangle Garza as trade bait?  Or do you want to add more pitchers without giving up the best one we currently have?

Foul Tip:  White Sox GM Ken Williams’ home was broken into and lived-in, Goldilocks-style, by a homeless man.  The suspect made a substantial mess throughout the house, and borrowed Williams’ clothes, keys, and even his World Series ring to go out on the town.  No one wants to come home to find their home invaded and trashed, but considering Williams’ consistently antagonistic attitude toward the Cubs, I think the story is far more funny than tragic.

Strike Three:  Ryan Braun won the National League MVP over Matt Kemp.  One of the deciding factors appears to have been the success of the Brewers versus the futility of the Dodgers.  How heavily should the team’s success weigh in individual awards like MVP?

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