Before I head off to gorge myself on turkey and trimmings, I thought it would be best to cover a few things that have stumbled by the corner as of late……

The Interesting Trials and Tribulations of Ryne Sandberg 

I am going to anger a few of you, but I am not surprised to see Ryno without a Major League managing job.

Somewhere along the line, the Cubs former brass made Ryne (and the Cubs fan base), feel as if managing the big league club was but a mere jump from the minors away.

“Hey Ryne, do the minor league circuit successfully and all will fall into place.”

This actually reminds me of the simplistic idiocy of the former regime.  It’s never that easy.

Ryne has had some trouble finding that MLB manager spot.  He has interviewed for a handful of gigs over the past two seasons and been shut down in every attempt.   I would speculate that he needs some experience coaching at the big league level before any serious consideration is given to him managing.  It seems to be the way of the walk for most first time managers.

I have to believe he has been offered a job coaching at some level, be it a base coach or bench coach.  The path may open a bit if he can get a job doing either.  However, for the time being it looks as though he will man the helm with the Iron Pigs for yet another season.

What are your thoughts as to why Ryno has yet to find that elusive managerial job?

Thanks god we aren’t the NBA!

Believe it or not, the most recent labor struggles of the NFL and NBA,  pale in comparison to the MLB strike and subsequent lockout of 1994.    Yes, the one that cancelled the Post – Season and  World Series for the first time since 1904 (The ’04 World Series was cancelled because the Pirates refused to play.)

The 1994 strike and lockout should have been a learning tool for all other professional sports leagues.  Instead, at least in the NBA’s case, they are repeating past failures.  Would anyone like to make a wager regarding how much the NBA fan base will thin out when the dust settles?

This past week baseball showed how much it has learned by silently and rather effortlessly negotiating a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).  A good breakdown of the agreement is here.

In general it may hurt small market teams down the road, with the new fines for exceeding a certain amount on draft bonuses.  small market teams are known for doling out higher draft bonuses to get the best young, but relatively cheap talent.  Not totally sure it will be the stink some are making of it.

I am for the increase in playoff teams.  While I don’t want to see 20 teams duking it out for the World Series, baseball is one sport that can afford to add a few more.  A 162 game regular season is a long marathon and a few more teams (not too mention fans) should be rewarded for a long season of work.

Mostly, I like seeing the increased testing for HGH and reduction in tobacco use.  The ladder is nice, but the former shows that the players in general want a more level playing field for all.

What stands out in the new CBA to you as a fan?


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