The Astros are Moving: The Astros have been sold and they will be moving to the American League by the year 2013. Bud Selig thinks all of this is a “historical” event and it will be a long term change. Because of this move, the playoff scene in the MLB will be changed around a bit. There will be 10 playoff teams and another one-game wild card playoff added to the schedule. Longer playoffs? My dream come true (note the sarcasm)! Does this mean that the World Series will end in November or will the regular season be shortened to make room for more playoffs? Hopefully somebody besides will occupy the basement of the NL Central when the Astros leave.

Other News:

  • Clayton Kershaw won the NL Cy Young. It’s the first time since Orel Hershiser that a Dodgers starter has won the award. Justin Verlander won the AL Cy Young in a unanimous vote. Will a pitcher be the MVP?
  • Remember the Bears-Lions game last Sunday? Does anyone remember the color of Earl Bennett’s shoes? Neither do I. But the NFL didn’t like the hue of orange they were and fined him $10,000 for it. Isn’t that a bit steep for a pair of shoes?
  • The Broncos pulled off another win last night. They’re now 5-5, and 4-1 since Kyle Orton was relieved of his duties as starter.
  • The new CBA is supposed to be announced. Lockout free for 6 more years! Thank goodness for baseball.
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