The New Manager’s Here, The New Manager’s Here: Multiple sources are reporting that Dale Sveum has/will be offered the Cubs job. Reportedly, Sveum would accept the job without considering offers from other clubs. It’s not a done deal yet, but apparently Maddux has ruled himself out and Hale, Mackanin, and Alomar Jr. weren’t as high on the list. (Francona removed himself from speculation for the position, though he’d not interviewed and wasn’t being listed as a finalist…thanks for ending the suspense, Terry).

Dale Sveum: Cliff’s Notes Version Remember when the Brewers were fighting for a playoff spot back in 2008 (one they eventually secured) and Ned Yost was making a horrible decision or getting ejected on a nightly basis? That’s when Dale Sveum stepped in as interim manager for the final two weeks of the season and the playoffs. He’s been a minor league manager (Pirates), 3rd base coach (Red Sox, Brewers), bench coach & hitting coach (Brewers). He was a journeyman utility player for 7 teams during 12 seasons, the best of which was his second year in the league. His final season as a player was 1999.

Can’t Skip This: Kerry Wood is talking about a multi-year deal with the Cubs. It’d be a very nice gesture if the new regime started their tenure by locking down Wood.

Occupy: The cadre of paid protesters, out of work hippies, college students, bums, and others are taking their show on the road today after being evicted from Zuccotti Park. They’ve scheduled “non-violent” roaming protests around NYC that will reportedly include a primer on the effectiveness of a Molotov cocktail. If you’re in New York – be safe; otherwise, enjoy the dumpster fire of activity on your evening news.

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