Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had as fulfilling a week as I did. Like the saying goes, a new dawn brings a new day. But this one also brings you a new installment of the latest and greatest in the world of humor. Enjoy :)

The Wizzies

  • Oh……..I got to go……..I have a phone call coming in………..caller ID “Theo”……………………maybe this is it.
  • He probably wants to know if he can use you as a way to get in contact with Eddie Vedder for lead singer of Zach Attack.
  • Famous people are pampered and loved when they are winning – just ask that Sheen guy.
  • Maybe there’s something to be learned about a manager’s personality, wits, etc. by putting him/her in a stressful and unpredictable situation. Since the law probably wouldn’t allow for Gladiator type combat in a pit with a Bear and a dulled wooden sword, he had to settle for the media show.
  • In fact I want the new guy to be cozy with the media, if he can master that relationship, he’ll have more time to focus upon more pressing issues like making sure James Russell never, ever starts a game again.
  • The big rock that flew by the earth yesterday was Bush’s fault also. Just saying.
  • I still blame Barry Bonds and Rex Grossman for all the problems in the world.
  • I blame Neifi.
  • George W spent a lot of money, but didn’t pay for it. He left it for the new regime. Kind of like what the Tribune did with Soriano…leave the albatross for the new guy.
  • I will heartily agree with you there. I’m not a hunter but I’d welcome that type of open season!
  • I hope it is not Mike Maddux simply because I don’t want to see his brother’s ugly mug around Wrigley in any way, shape or form. I intensely dislike Greg and that feeling extends to all things Maddux. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his jock. 
  • In Theo-usty we trusty?
  • Now if you’ll excuse me, I think my ears and nose are bleeding.
  • The Cardinals who? Never heard of them.
  • If you want a good laugh, check out the Marlins new uniforms.
  • Ozzie acts and talks like a clown, now he gets to look the part. BRILLIANT!

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Question of the Week

I might be a week early, but I’m tired and have nothing else. As I recently changed my floor bulletin board to ask and in lieu of the upcoming holiday: What are you thankful for?

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