Hello there, from my lovely dorm room.

The last three weeks have been pretty rough, I’m not going to lie. Stress and chaos only begin to describe my life. However, I now see the light and look ahead to an upcoming break. I got some much needed time to myself, picked new classes for the spring semester and cannot wait to start fresh.

It’s amazing how we are always saying we want to start anew; yet many people will also say they hate change. The human race is a funny thing. Either way, we’ve seen some much needed changes with our favorite team and I’d say we are allowed to feel a little optimistic about where we are headed.

Here’s to more moves making our lives a little brighter.

The Wizzies

  • No word yet if he’ll become the national spokesman for Transitions Lenses.
  • The Canjun duo can compare WS rings.
  • And beginner mullets.
  • Maybe if he throws well we can get more than a bag of balls from Ozzie Guillen for him? I would take the balls however…..
  • More specifically, rebuild around Blake DeWitt. That is obvious though.
  • Maybe Raker can set Ryno up with some transition lenses for his interview.
  • I’d take Bob Barker as Cubs manager over Bob Brenly.
  • Just in case anyone was living in a cave or taking an around the world sailing trip since this August, Carlos Zambrano had a very bad day on August 12. 
  • Good job Eisner, no need for some Mickey Mouse trade that has the Cubs eating some Goofy amount of Z contract. Get us to Tomorrow Land and fast.
  • Raker’s on a buzz light years ahead of the rest of us. Let us know when you’re down from space mountain.

Top Wizzie Contributors

Doc Raker-38




Seymour Butts-21

Doug S.-20




Dusty Baylor-10

Question of the Week

What do you look forward to most in the week? Is there one time every Tuesday that you get to sit for 20 minutes and have lunch by yourself, alone with your thoughts? Or how about the ride to work? What do you use as an outlet from your every day routine?

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