Hope the weekend has been going well for everyone!

Over the last few months I have grown to use this blog as a safe haven. I certainly don’t have time to read or comment every day, but when I do need a break from all the craziness in my life, I find it comforting to read and contribute here. Even all of you with your families, friends, and full-time jobs fit this new family into your busy schedules. And when the Cardinals won the Series this week, I didn’t have to worry about having the news crammed down my throat from my fellow Cubs fans; in fact, it wasn’t even mentioned. We all approached it with the same demeanor, and that’s what I love. We share a special bond here through our love of the baseball in general.

So I guess I just wanted to use this post as a little thank you to all you for making that possible for me. And on that note, let’s get a glimpse of this week at VFTB.

The Wizzies

  • BLPCB…I just threw up in my mouth a little..can we please not mention Les Walrond, or Jae Kuk Ryu this early in the morning?
  • Cheeseburger and Cheesecake Sabathia is due to break down very soon.
  • Get out the mustard, there will be a lot of innings in 2012 to be eaten I fear…(to be shared by the staff)
  • If we want an innings eater, is Bartolo Colon available? If there is eating to be done, I want him on my side…
  • Also, Sabathia apparently is just an eater, in general…
  • Quade moonlighting in St. Louis now?
  • Good god…..if death is not an option….then Duke, Kazmir, or Willis….oof. Slim pickin’s eh?
  • It is sad to think that Carlos Silva could out-pitch anyone on that list. With no mitt…holding a Hebrew National dog.

Top Wizzie Contributors


Doc Raker-35



Seymour Butts-21

Doug S.-20




Dusty Baylor-10

Eddie Von White-9


Question of the Week

Yes, I know the World Series just ended, but how do you feel about the offseason moves so far and how much more activity do you expect?

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