It’s been an exhausting week on my end, and seeing Cardinals’ fans coming out of hiding to support their team in the Series hasn’t made anything better. Here’s to a Rangers’ comeback.

Anyway, I hope Sunday brings sunshine and smiles to all! Let’s get on with the show.

The Wizzies

The “Occupy” protests saw a rash of arrests over the weekend in various cities. I feel like we should take a role call here on VFTB to make sure we didn’t lose anyone. Or maybe buddy-up like the mall scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

The World Series starts on Wednesday in St. Louis with the Cardinals taking on the Rangers. If you plan on rooting for the Cardinals I suggest you keep that to yourself.

 Katie, Katie, Katie… Article I, Section 1, Subpart A of the Sports Fan Constitution cleraly states “… being a fan of a team is not subject to win-loss records or quality of play on the field, court, rink or other facility where the team plays…

Campana shouldn’t start for even the worst team in baseball.

We could offer them fried chicken and beer in the locker room in exchange for Theo.

Theo can show up to the office in shorts and a T-shirt and gut fish a la Office Space, offer crazy trades via twitter, quadruple park in the owners parking spots, etc… until they are forced to fire him if he wanted to.

Really? no way! I thought fiberglass and and nicotine were good for you… huh. If you outlaw chew, you better outlaw the crotch-scratch, too.

I long for the day where I can look at a Sox fan and say, “That ring in 2005 was nice wasn’t it? Look at all of our rings now.”

“Your mom goes to college” – Kip Dynomite

If they really asked for Castro, that was an ill-advised proposition. That’s like asking a kid to trade his new Optimus Prime toy for an old Hotwheels car. Unjustifiable.

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Question of the Week

Excuse the randomness, but what is one thing you are looking forward to accomplishing during the offseason?

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