Thought #1: Sean Payton got taken down in the first half of Sunday’s game, resulting in a torn MCL and a fractured shinbone. He was taken into the locker room just before halftime and did not return to the sideline. The Saints lost their play-caller, and went on to lose the game.  Maybe coaches should get a little more recognition for being the finishing piece to every team. You could have all the talent in the world, but without good play calling, they will not flow like a well-oiled machine. Do coaches deserve a pay raise? I think so.

Thought #2: The Red Sox are under fire for letting some of their players drink beer and eat fried chicken in the clubhouse. Jon Lester got a little worked up, and ripped the Boston media for making the accused players look fat and lazy. Yes, the Sox had the worst collapse in history. Was the collapse of the Sox really the fault of a delicious combination of food and drink, or was it because they played badly? It couldn’t be in part because the pitching staff acquired a 5.84 ERA in the month of September, could it? Beats me.

Thought #3: The World Series starts on Wednesday. Frankly, I do not care who wins or loses. Yes, I have “friends” that are fans of St. Louis. Yes, they are obnoxious. If the Cardinals win, the Cubs will be average at best next year. The Cardinals have earned their way to here. St. Louis is an excellent ball club, and they have built themselves to where they are now. The Cubs have a ways to go before they will be a solidly good team. The fact that St. Louis is a solid ball club does not make me dislike them any less. It makes me dislike them more. Why is it so hard for the Cubs’ leadership to figure out the formula? But I digress. Nolan Ryan is predicting that the Rangers will win the Series in 6. Is he far off with his prediction?

Thought #4: The Packers and Badgers are still undefeated. It’s great to be a Wisconsinite these days.

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Katie Cernek is a regular contributor to VFTB. She grew up as a Cubs fan in rural Wisconsin and fondly remembers hearing stories of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo. You can find Katie on Twitter @heyitskatiec