It’s often said that nothing is life is guaranteed except death & taxes.

Death: Dan Wheldon, IndyCar driver, died after being involved in a terrible collision during the 13th lap of the IndyCar season finale. I’m not a racing fan, but if you watch the video I think you too will be amazed that tragedy doesn’t strike motorsports more often. Wheldon was 3 years older than me and is survived by a wife and two young sons essentially the same age as my two – I can’t imagine the sorrow for his young family.

Death, Part 2: This guy was cut up and eaten by cannibals. His girlfriend managed to escape, but it seems like she had been marked as dessert. Lesson here: don’t hunt goats with locals on some remote island in the South Pacific. (Note the second to last paragraph in the article)

Taxes: Friendly accountant here to remind you that today is the deadline for filing your extended 2010 federal income tax returns. Whether you think they take too much or not enough, the IRS will impose confiscatory penalties for non-filing if you are delinquent. If you have a reason to visit the post office and can wait until tomorrow, I suggest that you do – the line will be long and filled with angry procrastinators.

Non-Sports: The “Occupy” protests saw a rash of arrests over the weekend in various cities. I feel like we should take a role call here on VFTB to make sure we didn’t lose anyone. Or maybe buddy-up like the mall scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I’ll buddy with Bob “Genghis” Khan. Put out an APB for BLPCB.

Sports: A few other sporting details from the weekend:

The World Series starts on Wednesday in St. Louis with the Cardinals taking on the Rangers. If you plan on rooting for the Cardinals I suggest you keep that to yourself.

The BCS is a two conference race right now. Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are the top four. The SEC and Big 12 teams will face off during the regular season; Bama v. LSU on Nov. 5th; OU v. OSU on Dec. 3rd. It’s quite reasonable to think that at least one team will enter each of those games undefeated. If you like NCAAF, circle those dates on the schedule, it’s “can’t-miss” TV.

The NBA shows no signs of an agreement, and I for one, couldn’t be happier. Currently, they are “hoping” for Christmas Day games – but the outlook is less than promising.

Cubs: Theo Epstein still hasn’t been hired, but there are reports that Ben Cherington has already been promoted in Boston. The Cubs and Red Sox continue to fight over compensation, but it’s been strongly suggested that a resolution will come before the World Series starts (the league mandates that no major personnel business can take place during the World Series).

Aramis Ramirez wants “several years” or he’s going to move on from the Cubs. The Cubs should thank Aramis for his time with the club and tell him that he’ll need to find “several years” elsewhere. Someone will give it to him (see: Angels…Anaheim, LA, Irvine, Tustin, Diamond Bar…wherever they’re going to hail from in 2012).

With the timing of the expected Epstein announcement, it seems likely that Quade is still on board through the World Series. I strongly suggest that the Cubs look at Charlie Sheen to replace Quade. Why? For starters, most managers have minimal impact on the actual game; also, a manager doing blow in the clubhouse didn’t stop the two-time defending AL Champion Rangers. Plus, if it’s all about ego management, we’d be turning the tables on the players – they’d have to manage his ego, not the other way around.

Final Question: In a matchup that before the season would’ve been the unlikeliest marquee game of Week 6 in the NFL, the 49ers bested the previously unbeaten Lions in Detroit. After the game, head coaches from both teams got into on the field after Jim Schwartz took issue with Jim Harbaugh’s post-game hand shake/back slap. Terry Bradshaw in an uncharacteristically lucid, even eloquent moment described that his problem was with the whole idea of the post-game handshake. I have to agree with him, it’s one thing to promote sportsmanship in Little League games or even observe the post-series playoff hockey tradition of center ice hand shakes; but grown men who are doing a job shouldn’t be forced to march across the field and congratulate a guy/team who just established his dominance.  What say you?

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