If you aren’t aware, I am a student, as well as a Resident Assistant that juggles two other jobs. Needless to say I have had my energy sucked out of me almost every single day since September rolled around. In the midst of all this, it feels good to see the Cubs organization actually going about their business the way I used to see it done. The change that the hire of Theo Epstein brings feels like a step in the right direction. Hopefully my life can follow suit. I am swamped as of late, and would love to catch a break.

Regardless, reading your thoughts on the week was a nice change of pace. Let’s get to it.

The Wizzies

  • Every time Fielder puts a charge into one, you don’t hear the sound of the bat making solid contact with the ball. You hear a cash register opening, cha-Ching! as Fielder just keeps adding to his contract this winter.
  • Chunky psycho vegan? or old guy that has problems with shadows? They both sound like losers to me.
  • Samardzija’s a one-trick pony. His trick is getting off the mound quickly before people realize how hittable he is.
  • But Buddy..he’s scrappy….he’s got grit, and moxie, and he hit over .300 in April!!??? Oh he’s got no power, and doesn’t get on base? This isn’t 1976? Oh. Well then of course, they should look to upgrade there.
  • Years ago, one of my college roommates had a girlfriend that moved in “temporarily.” Well, you know how that works out…she was there for a year. She had three yappy small dogs. The best thing about living with Maltese: when they get all spooled up and out of control, you can reset their simple little brains with a few shots of water from a spray bottle. I wish there was a blog equivalent of that spray bottle to quiet this goddamned nonsensical yapping.
  • Now I’m wondering if not having access to VFTB for three months wasn’t so bad.
  • When I was a kid, we had a cat. Nobody really liked the cat, but he was good at chasing mice. One day, the cat ran away. My brother thought he saw him in our neighbor’s yard, but it was actually a racoon. My dad wouldn’t let us have a racoon, and my brother was really upset. The next night at dinner….I forgot what my point was.
  • Did I mention that I saw Carlos Pena eating lunch prior to the last game of the year, a big bowl of pasta. The server for his table was left handed and it looked like Pena was only able to eat about 14.3% of his pasta.
  • Jihad and baseball don’t mix. Soccer with a goats head in Alibabastan maybe.
  • Well in defense of Dusty Baker,er… *crickets* I got nothin’…
  • This is also why I despise the Braves. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their jock.
  • 7) Don’t quit “The Zack Attack.” You can make time for your day job and your band.
  • Maybe the Cubs will change their name to the Chicago Clutch Grinders. Then right after that, a giant meteor can destroy the Earth.
  • Chicago Oprahs, Oprah Cubs, Oprah’s Baseball Club, Oprah’s Book Cubs. Something like that…I’m sort of tired.
  • The Oprah Feel Good Secular Tofu Eating Grinding Chicago Cubs!

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Question of the Week

 Now that it is (almost) officially upon us, what is the best part about fall?

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