Thought #1: Apparently, Lebron James has been tweeting about joining the NFL. I don’t follow him on there because he is a little bit repulsive and annoying. But because the first two weeks of the NBA season are cancelled, he has nothing to do. It would be interesting to see him try to play. He is tall enough and fast enough, but is he tough enough?  When he gets taken out in basketball, he acts like soccer player. Do you think he could take a hit by James Harrison? I’m skeptical, but it would be interesting to see him try.

Thought #2: Justin Verlander, my favorite pitcher, helped keep the Tigers from being eliminated from the ALCS last night. He gave up a home run to Nelson Cruz, but who hasn’t (he has 5 home runs in this series)? Justin has been phenomenal this season. How great would it be if good ol’ Theo could pull some strings on that one…?

Oh, and the Brewers won.

Thought #3: My fourth-ranked Wisconsin Badgers are 5-0. Wisconsin doesn’t just win though. They destroy you. The most points scored against them? 17. The fewest points scored by Wisconsin? 35 (and that game was a shutout). It is weird seeing the Badgers have a star player on any of their teams – after all, we are the Dairy State. Not much here except beer and cheese. College football has never been a huge point of interest for me, but this is kind of ridiculous. I just hope they can beat Minnesota and Ohio State. We’ll see how that goes.

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Katie Cernek is a regular contributor to VFTB. She grew up as a Cubs fan in rural Wisconsin and fondly remembers hearing stories of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo. You can find Katie on Twitter @heyitskatiec