Arbitration Eligible – If you didn’t get a chance to read Noah’s piece on why the Cubs should extend Matt Garza and buy out his arbitration time you can do that here. Piggybacking on that thought, MLB Trade Rumors beat me to the punch and listed out the arbitration eligible Cubs as we head into the offseason. If you’re not familiar with the CBA, players are on auto renewal at league minimum for the first three years of Major League Service. Once they have accrued three years time, they have three addition years where they can go to arbitration to have an independent third party decide what they should be paid. Typically the Cubs do not go that route. Ryan Theriot was an exception a few years ago, becoming one of the first in a long time. That said, here are the guys eligible this off-season in the system:

I think I’ve been pretty clear on our current catchers and my feelings on them so there is no way I offer Hill a contract. The other guys are useful pieces for the right price, especially Garza.

NBA Cancels The Preseason – Insert crickets chirping here. All the momentum that league built up last off-season with the LeBron / Wade watch will come crashing down with this lockout. That league is in serious trouble and isn’t going to get better unless the players understand their pay needs to come down.

Deadspin Question of the Week – If you’re not a reader, shame on you. Each week they have a funbag that takes readers e-mails about completely random stuff and answers them. This question in this week’s edition is one I’d like to pose to you:

There’s gonna be some brave nutcase out there who ends up dating and marrying Amanda Knox. But who? If you were single, would you consider going out with an accused murderer? Would you give her a year or two to make sure she keeps her nose clean? ~

I have to claim ignorance on this one. Before I looked her up on Google, I had no idea who this Knox chick was. Is that bad?

“Brenly on managing job: ‘They know where to find me'” – And yet they never call, Bob. They never call. Poor guy continues to throw hints that he wants to manage, but no one calls. That must be frustrating and somewhat embarrassing. Insert crickets chirping here.

Dan Shaughnessy reported that the Cubs have been granted permission to talk with Theo Epstein. That got me thinking about two things. 1) If Ricketts would have bumped into Theo at Starbucks before getting permission and just sat and had coffee with him, discussing the Amanda Knox question, would that be considered grounds for tampering? After all, if they’d both date her, that could mean they’re aligned. 2) If you were going to make a movie about Will Ferrell and the lead was not going to be Will Ferrell, is there anyone better to play the role than Shaughnessy? Seriously? Amiright?

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone. Be sure to check back later today for a piece on Aramis Ramirez and the decision the Cubs need to make on his future with the team. Norm makes a strong case on what he thinks the team should do.

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