Recently, Fox Sports named the Cubs as “one of the 10 worst franchises in sports.” Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Jim BurwitzI’m not sure if the Cubs belong in the top 10, but they’re not even close to the worst franchise in sports. The L.A. Clippers hold that title. The Clippers have never appeared in the NBA finals. Hell, they’ve never even won their division. Since 1970, the mighy Clippers have finished above .500 only seven times. Mike Freakin’ Dunleavy leads the franchise in coaching wins, and his Clipper winning percentage is .397. If that wasn’t enough, the Clippers are legendary for screwing up drafts. Former first-round picks include Shaun Livingston (#4 overall), Darius Miles (#3 overall), Danny Ferry (#2 overall), and the great Michael Olowokandi (#1 overall).

Mark SricklerI don’t know what they’re smokin’ but I want some.  One of the most watched franchises in baseball that just sold as part of a $980 million dollar deal?  Success doesn’t always translate into profits and if you’re a business profits are a big part of the equation.  Hopefully this is not a signal that Fox Sports is going to follow the bombastic path that their so-called news channel has chosen…or have they already?

Dave Moresi – This depends entirely upon your definition of “worst” and “best”. MLB is entertainment.  Are the Cubs the “worst” entertainment there is?  Attendance figures would indicate not. I know my dad (“The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan”) enjoyed being taken to Wrigley by his dad &/or his uncle when he was a boy.  And that grandfather enjoyed listening to the Cubs on the radio well after his 100th birthday. My dad and I enjoyed going to Wrigley together on a regular basis during the 50s and 60s, and occasionally since then.  I’ve enjoyed following the Cubs again over the past three years.  Best show in town. My dad did actually comment last week that he’s “not sure this Ricketts guy knows what he’s doing”. I do know that Tom Ricketts is NOT (at this time) a Hall Of Fame baseball guy, so I hope he listens well and learns a lot during the GM interview process.  And I hope he ultimately makes the right choice.  This has not been a lot of fun lately.

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