The NFL season is starting to wind up, and many sports fans have their eyes currently locked onto the preseason. Nowhere is there more excitement for the upcoming season than in Houston as the Texans field what just might be their best team yet. Fans are ready to line up for their Houston Texans tickets to the opening game against Indianapolis, our biggest threat in the division.
As game three of the preseason is right around the corner Houston Texans fans waits anxiously to get their first good look at our starters who will be playing 3 full quarters according to coach Kubiak.

We have already seen a preview of what some consider the best offense in the league in game two of the preseason. Arian foster carried for 47 yards and two touchdowns with just 5 carries. Ben Tate showed us that there is more than one great talent at running back for the Texans when he rushed for 95 yards, and had one touchdown that very same game. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson showed that they still have what it takes to make big plays for 4 receptions that added up to a total of 100 yards. With the added help of a great offensive line that has been giving Schaub all the time in the world, there seems to be little that can stop our offense this season.

Yet a strong offense is what we already expected from what happened last season, what everyone had their attention focused on was our defense under the new guidance of Wade Phillips. So far Houstonians like what they see. In our game versus the Saints QB Drew Brees didn’t have a single snap where he wasn’t pressured, if not sacked or forced to fumble by Mario Williams who has been moved to outside line back in the new 3-4 scheme implemented by Phillips. Williams isn’t the only one showing promise in a new position either, Texans number 1 draft pick J.J. Watts has been exceeding expectations in putting consistent pressure on QBs and their Running Backs. Not to mention the several other defensive draft picks that have been showing promise, such as Brooks Reed who forced two fumbles during the same game.

This is just one of many exciting events here in Houston, between the Houston Rockets starting soon, and the Houston Rodeo springing up near the end of the Texans’ regular season we aren’t running out of fun events anytime soon. But don’t get caught off-guard and miss out on the tickets you want, MyTicketIn gets amazing tickets from several sources, and chances are we have them here waiting for you to by them, so check out Be ready to grab your Houston Texans Ticket, Houston Rockets Tickets and Houston Rodeo Tickets in time!

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