I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did! Through scorching temperatures, rolling thunderstorms and trade rumors, we now find the Cubs riding their first three game winning streak of the summer. Sure, it doesn’t change much about the season, but it definitely feels good to see. Why not have a little fun?


  • I shudder to think even Cubs management might want to look at the new regime in Pittsburgh for pointers. Has it gotten that bad?
  • The nickname for Lopez is RoLo. Not just a fantastic caramel-filled chocolate candy, now also an emerging veteran starter for the Chicago Cubs! “Emerging veteran” sounds like an oxymoron…
  • I once saw Neifi Perez walk, so anything is possible!
  • With 40 or so more episodes of heat stroke in the opposing dugout we can contend in this thing. Turn up the heat in the visitors lockeroom, I think we found an edge.
  • You mean his smoldering sensuality and luscious Latin looks don’t make you fluttery deep in your loins????? Must just be me!!
  • McNutt has blister issues, that must hurt. It hurts me to read about blisters and nuts in the same sentence.
  • Dear Cubs,
    Please remove that ridiculous “It’s A Way Of Life” banner with the W flag from your web site. Who are you kidding? At 39 – 60 and .394 the W is not a way of life.
  • So I go to the Ham Fighters web site, and guess what.. no pictures of ham.
    Guess you have to go somewhere else to see bacon strips on a legal pad. Probably Hendry’s desk no doubt.
  • That the Ham Fighters don’t have a mascot dressed like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird is a continual disappointment.
  • I bet “someone is interested in Grabow” triggered the spam moderation. No human would write that.
  • Keep in mind, also, that the article just says teams have shown interest in Grabow; it doesn’t specify what type of interest. Maybe other teams are in the market for a new scapegoat. Or a pool cleaner. Or they’re looking for a good time (“Who wants a mustache ride??”). Incidentally, John Grabow is owned in 0.0% of ESPN fantasy baseball leagues.
  • Wait a minute…..(pulling off Grabow’s mask) AHA!!! Just as I thought….it’s Will Ohman!!

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