First off, I would like to thank Joe for keeping “The Corner” warm last week.  The bucket list always makes for interesting conversation.  In the end, when reviewing most peoples bucket list, one can come to the conclusion that nearly any list contains the desire to witness or directly experience something amazing, or as Carter (played by Morgan Freeman) said in the movie, “Witness Something Majestic.”

This past weekend I had family in town.  The number one thing on their list of desires for the weekend was to attend a Cubs game.  I scored five tickets in good seats below face value for Saturday’s game against the Pirates.  I am still reeling that I can grab great seats in the lower level for face value, and in this case below face value,  to see a cubs game at Wrigley in late May on a Saturday.  Must be the Economy……

After dumping close to $100 per person (Ticket + food+ a hat for the kids), and witnessing a 10-0 Cubs drubbing at the hands of the mighty Pirates,  my walk home consisted of a debate in my mind regarding the expectations of a true fan.

I mean, when is it okay to remove the rose colored glasses and accept the fact that my favorite team is simply not constructed to win 60% of the time?

Do I have to keep cheering for them?

Can I cheer against them in hopes that losing will bring about change for the future?

Can I boo when a fielder makes a terrible play?  Is that poor form from a true fan?

The rose colored glasses item gets me every time.  You can spot one of these fans from a mile away.  The team could be 20-61 at the All-Star break and they are still adding up ways to make it so.  I can’t be that guy.  It’s therapeutic to be honest with the assessment of ones favorite team.  Plus, it shows a level of expectation and desire to see a better result… win!

That being said, I could never stop cheering.  I can take a mental holiday if I need time away.  I also won’t cheer against them.

Yours truly is also a Detroit Lions fan, if that tells you anything, and even though the Lions literally won themselves out of a top ten draft pick last year, I enjoyed every single one of those wins.

Yes I know,  I am officially tortured as a fan.  The Lions hold the longest drought for any sort of NFL championship (Dates back to 1957…eight years before the Super Bowl) and the Cubs hold the longest drought for a World Series in the Major Leagues.

I guess that is what makes a true fan.  You don’t jump ship.  You don’t find a winner to cheer and forget about the past.  There is no divorce in fandom.  Deep down you can try, but you’ll never really part ways.  It gets in your blood.

So yes, somewhere on my bucket list you’ll see “witness the Lions/Cubs win a championship.”  You know what?

That would be majestic!



– In case you were wondering…..Russell, Davis, Lopez, and Coleman have combined to go 3-17 in Wells and Cashner’s absence.  They have also combined for a 7.91 ERA.  I just threw up…..

-Of the three wins mentioned above, Coleman has two of them…..he was sent to the minors.

– The Cubs are 7-15 against the NL Central in the first two months of the season.  They have taken one series of the eight they have played against their division.  The only series win came in April (April 11-13 against the Astros in Houston).



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