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May 26, 2011

Game 47 – Hurry up and rain!

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Cubs 4, Mets 7

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

The following is a recap from guest contributor, Norm Bothwell.

What went right:

  • Cubs come out of the gate with guns blazing, scoring four runs in the first. Kosuke Fukudome and Carlos Pena each had a walk (who else?!) and both came around to score. Reed Johnson and Alfonso Soriano came through with runners in scoring position and two outs, each hitting a double and collecting two RBI.
  • James Russell pitched 3.2 innings and gave the fans a sarcastic cheer by throwing a first pitch strike in the wake of the Berg disaster. He ended up giving up a run off a few singles and a sac fly by the Mets pitcher, Dillon Gee

What went wrong:

  • Cubs offense got ONE more hit (and zero walks, of course) after that first inning outburst.
  • Casey Coleman was hittable and Quade gave him the quick hook in the 2nd inning. His line ended at 1.1 innings, 7 hits, 6 runs, all earned, 1 BB with no strikeouts. He has more walks than strikeouts on the year.
  • Two of those earned runs scored thanks to Justin Berg, who replaced Coleman and proceeded to throw twelve (TWELVE!!) consecutive balls, allowing two men to score, and gets replaced without throwing a strike. Berg’s doesn’t strike many out, he walks too many, and he’s rather hittable. The only positive is the lack of home runs he gives up. He won’t be a major league pitcher for very long.
  • The rain came too late.

Draft thoughts:

Baseball America came out with their Top 200 prospects for the upcoming June draft. I’ve noticed that a few of the experts see the Cubs taking high school Mr. Everything, Bubba Starling, with the ninth pick who BA has ranked as the #2 hitter behind Anthony Rendon. He’s a five tool athlete who is committed to the University of Nebraska to play centerfield in the Spring and quarterback the Huskers in the Fall. An up-the-middle, raw, athlete? Yup, sounds like the Cubs. He’s expected to fall to number nine due to his expected bonus demands. The draft is strong this year with college pitching. A name I’ve seen linked to the Cubs is Sonny Gray (#12 overall prospect), a short right hander the Cubs selected in the 27th round of the 2008 draft. If you like him you see a top of the rotation pitcher with a 94 mph fastball and hammer curve, arguably the best 1-2 punch in the draft. If you don’t like him, you have a shutdown closer. Most reports currently have him falling out of the top 10.

A pitcher I’m interested in is Texas junior, Taylor Jungmann (#8). A 6’6” right hander that controls the strike zone with a 93 mph fastball and a 78 mph curveball. Imagine, a Cub pitcher that doesn’t walk many guys. A man can dream!

Tom Ricketts said they are going to build from within through the farm system. With this years draft reported to be the strongest in years, it’s time to walk the walk and not be afraid to pay what it takes to get Starling if he falls.

Stars of the Game
Based on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star– Carlos Beltran (.219 WPA)

2nd Star –Reed Johnson (.163 WPA)

3rd Star– Daniel Murphy (.146 WPA)

Official Recap Standings

Mark 6-3 (.667)

Buddy 3-3 (.500)

Joe 9-10 (.474)

Brandon 1-4 (.200)

Chet 0-2 (.000)

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  • Buddy

    If there’s a way to screw up the draft, the Cubs will probably find it.

  • Chuck

    The baseball draft is the biggest crapshoot of all the major sports. In any draft you pick a whole bunch of guys and hope 2 or 3 make it to the bigs. If you get 1 above average player in each draft you are doing well. You won’t know how well or poorly you draft until 4 or so years later. That is when prospects start trickling up to the majors and AAA.
    Hopefully part of the Rickitts plan is to hire the best and most player development people for the youngsters in the minors. If you commit to building a team through the draft and the acquisition of prospects, you have to follow through with giving them the tools to succeed. The Cubs have the resources to get the high-end players so they should use that advantage. Then don’t squander it by being cheap with the player development.

  • Doc Raker

    7 games out before the vines are even green. This season has been as bad as the lousy weather has been in Wrigley all spring.

  • Buddy

    You’re right Chuck. Especially when it comes to young pitchers.

  • PackerCubBull

    Yup. It all starts with scouting. Find the talent, develop the talent, and then lock up the talent. So he doesn’t get away a la Greg Maddux.

  • Rich Beckman

    Caption for picture: “Guys, it’s not raining!”

  • Mark in Toronto

    I watched the first inning and was happy to see the Cubs score some runs and go up 4-1 after 1. After taking a shower and putting the game back on I was shocked to see the Mets had retaken then lead 6-4 and it was still the top of the 2nd inning. Ironically as I saw the score and heard that I had missed Justin Berg toss 12 straight balls (good timing on my part) Bob Brenly mentioned “hurry up and rain”, too bad that took a little too long to happen. All in all not good, I was hoping Coleman had turned things around after his last start.

  • Norm

    More on the draft, Keith Law hears high schooler Javier Baez will be in heavy consideration at #9 for the Cubs if Starling doesn’t fall. He has him at #20 overall and may rise due to him being ‘very signable’.

    If this were to happen, approval rate for Ricketts would plummet as he’s mentioned that they’ll spend money on the farm. If Bubba falls, at least we’ll see that they mean what they say.

  • Aaron

    The Cubs should draft Starling and meld him with Castro into one player named Starlin Starling.

  • Aaron

    Either that or meld him with Darwin to make Bubba Barney.

  • Joe

    Carlos Silva didn’t walk a lot of guys. What happened to him?

  • PackerCubBull

    Batters didn’t give him a chance to walk them. He’d give them a meatball right down the middle of the plate that was down right impossible to resist.

  • lizzie

    All Silva had to do was keep his ego in check and he’d have had a starting slot since about day 6 of the season. The only person to blame is Silva himself.

  • Seymour Butts

    I think Silva signed a minor league deal with the Yankees.
    Anyone else notice the gut in the stands in the 9th today. he was holding a big sign designed to get on tv. Also on the cell phone. About 5 seconds after the camera went on him he flipped the camera off. So much for the tape delay. If you did not know the game is delayed on Tv. Listen to the radio cast while watching the tv. Failed today.

  • Seymour Butts

    Well the REDNECK GUY had a GUT.

  • PackerCubBull

    Lizzie, you’re dead on. If he had accepted he was being sent to AAA because he sucks, he would be on the MLB roster right now. Even though he would still be sucking, having him eat innings would have been better than this patchwork and makeshift rotation we’re going through. Although I would rather see a kid stink it up and develop as opposed to an unproductive veteran stink it up.

  • PackerCubBull

    Seymour – I had a teacher a few years ago discussing this. Because me and a friend were talking about the delay between radio and TV, he was like there is a delay from the action at the park to the radio in case of profanities, and another delay between radio and TV in case of wardrobe malfunctions. Except that didn’t stop CBS from showing Janet Jackson’s breast. And I remember watching a Chicago Marathon on TV, they were interviewing a guy and he was yelling profanities, the broadcaster was like watch your language, we’re on TV.

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