Cubs 11, Mets 1

Box Score / Highlights

Tonight was a fun game to watch as the Cubs administered a beat-down on the Mets.  All things considered the damage was 11-1 as the Cubs gave the hometown fans something to cheer about.  Some highlights for the game:

What went right:

  • Offense offense offense:  The Cubs scored frequently and put the Mets away in the second.  The second inning was orgiastic as the Cubs plated five runs compliments to Ramirez (a single,) Montanez (a double,) and an RBI by Barney (who is tied for the lead in RBIs.)  Castro singled and the Cubs lead 5-0.  The Cubs tagged on two more runs in the fifth and sixth and then blew it away in the seventh.
  • Dempster pitched a strong game:  Ryan went into the game with a league-worst 6.91 ERA and came out with a 6.29 ERA.  All told his line was 7 IP, 7 H, 1 ER , 5K and 1 BB.
  • We didn’t make the defensive miscues, the Mets did:    Ronnie Paulino made a couple of defensive miscues which lead to the Cubs victory.  And Soriano made a shrewd play on a carom off the left field wall in the fifth.  Sometimes he looks comical out there, tonight he didn’t.
  • Great contribution by Cubs’ role players, particularly Lou Montanez.  I remember when this guy was drafted third overall – he was a hot-shot shortstop prospect out of Florida.  Things didn’t work out and he was let go; Andy MacPhail gave him a shot in Baltimore and he ended up with a minor league contract where he started in Chicago.  It was great to see him have a good game although I’m not sure he has what it takes to stick.  Personally I like Campana better.
  • Mop up:  Congratulations to Grabow and Samardzija for good relief, particularly the Shark who struck out the side.

What went wrong:

  • Nothing, unless you want to consider the Mets’ defense.

Other notes:

  • Today the Cubs put Matt Garza on the DL retroactive to the last date he pitched.  They said it was because of a bone bruise and I’m not reading much into it, he should be back soon.  Randy Wells seems to be slated to start Saturday’s game in his place and the MRI on Cashner came back negative.  I’m not sure Andrew will pitch again this year and quite frankly I’m not sure what his future will entail.  Shoulder injuries are a whole lot different than elbow problems, this year isn’t going to be one in which I see Cashner making a contribution.  We will see what happens but Andrew Cashner’s stock is much lower in my portfolio.

On this date in baseball history:

  • 1935:  The first night game was played at Crosley Field in Cincinnati.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pressed the button to turn the lights on.

Stars of the Game
Based on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star– Ryan Dempster (.188 WPA)

2nd Star –Lou Montanez (.139 WPA)

3rd Star– Darwin Barney (.105 WPA)

Official Recap Standings

Mark 6-3 (.667)

Buddy 3-3 (.500)

Joe 9-10 (.474)

Brandon 1-4 (.200)

Chet 0-2 (.000)

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