Happy Monday! Let’s have a look at the week in review!


  • The Cubs continued their season long theme of leaving men in scoring position.
  • I think you guys that keep giving the Cubs a B-/C+ have been drinking way too much Old Style.
  • why isn’t there a “e, terrible , we’re doomed .”
  • I’m usually completely hooked by this point in the season. But this year, any time they manage to pique my interest, they follow-up with a craptacular loss (or 3).
  • It’s starting to be painful to watch
  • Beltran does sort of fit the bill: aging player riding out a giant contract with dwindling numbers. Come on over, pal.
  • When your longterm outlook looks bleaker than KC’s, it may be time to clean house.
  • According to the Cubs website the Cubs are starting a new catcher, ‘Hill,C’ , who is this guy? I hope he is better than ‘Hill,K’.
  • Profanity is much more pleasurable when directed at loafing on the field.
  • The White Sox are crappier than the Cubs.
  • Soriano is a huge liability in left field.
  • Unless the new Carlos Zambrano is a lot more like the old Zambrano of 2003/2004ish, then I’m not going to start liking him again anytime soon.
  • Between his insults of opposing teams/players and the thug mentality of Volquez to the head kicking of Cueto, these guys are classless in my book
  • Fielding was atrocious. The Reds scored seven runs and didn’t earn a single one of them.
  • That was ugly.
  • Blame it on the rain all you like. Sure didn’t bother the Reds.
  • Man I had a great night in front of the TV last night. Did I mention I didn’t watch the Cubs game? I’m so smart sometimes…
  • The Cubbie DT’s if you will.
  • We don’t consistently pitch well, we don’t consistently hit well, and we don’t consistently field well.
  • The lack of identity plagues this ballclub and has for some time.
  • A team poorly built, poorly coached, and that executes poorly on the field. Should any of us really be shocked that the season is (again) over in mid-May?
  • An 8 year old who doesn’t get paid a dime can sum up where the Cubbies are right now.
  • The beauty of an inconsistent team is that it fails to consistently suck.
  • I realize it is more acceptable now to hate, but we should enjoy the freedom displayed by this individual liberated from society’s inhibitions. Of course he was probably drunk.
  • Don’t alienate any part of your fan base, especially if you are having trouble filling the seats.
  • Interesting sight on espn.com’s Sweet Spot blog. You can read the whole article if you want, but the main thing is the picture at the end.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Reed Johnson in left and Jeff Baker at third from here on out. Heck, at least we’d go down swingin’…..
  • LOL, clarification on my comment above this one…. At least we’d go down swingin’ from a **figurative** standpoint (heart, effort, etc) with Johnson and Baker in the lineup everyday. With Ramirez and Soriano, of course we will go down swinging, just in a much more literal way.
  • I wouldn’t jump straight to “Coleman looked really good.”
  • Any lineup that gets Soriano out of left on defense is OK by me.
  • We could further protect those fragile pitchers by having the coaches pitch. Each player on the team could have one at bat per inning, and games could all end in ties.
  • I think that the Pitcher hitting makes for a far superior product because there is actual strategy involved.
  • Bringing the DH to the NL would suck, you don’t take away the best thing it has going for it.
  • The DH is akin to little league rules.
  • And thus begins the hardest weekend in my sports-watching career: a lifelong cubs and red sox fan finally seeing his two teams play together in his home city, without being able to go to a game.
  • i’m expecting a sweep by the redsox . that way i have something to be happy about if we only manage to win one .
  • Errors in the infield. Errors in the outfield. Throwing errors. Fielding errors. Passed balls. Basically the same thing we’ve seen all year from this team.
  • I am so fed up with Soriano’s half assing act that I’m tempted to contact Comcast sportsnet, WGN, and the Cubs front office and asking them to remove all camera coverage and video replay evidence of every ball hit to the vicinity of left field so none of us have to be subjected to a lazy, pathetic multimillionaire that can’t and won’t be bothered to give a 60 percent effort in return for the GDP of a small country he’s being paid.
  • I’m now afraid to go to Fenway tonight and tomorrow…..


  • By heartbreaking do you mean nauseating?

Lizzie Contest Standings

Each week I’ll post the cumulative standings for the Lizzie contest. Remember you get one point for each Lizzie and three points for a Lizard. I lopped off the list to keep it manageable. Everyone with 2 or more points appear. An additional 13 folks have one point apiece. We currently have 38 commenters with points! Great job everyone!

1. Buddy
2. jswanson
3. Doc Raker
4. Chet
5. Seymour
6. cap’n
7. Aaron
7. Chuck
7. Rich Beckman
10. Kris
11. JoeA
12. DavidMBeyer
13. Dragon
14. chris in Illinois
14. MJ
16. Deezer
17. Jesse
17. walterj
19. Benjamin
19. Doug Bagley
19. Doug S
19. Eric
19. Mark
24. Randy
24. Wes

The Weekly Aura

Our weekly aura took a bit of a nosedive. We’re hovering in the C-/D+ zone now. Maybe just a touch better than that but not much! The graph is showing the expected trend.

Each week I’ll tell you the previous week’s aura, and ask you to rate how you are feeling this week. Thanks to a suggestion from the insightful walterj, we will now include an “e” choice. While changing the scale may slightly skew the previous results to the good, I believe it’s a necessary addition at this point.

How are you feeling about the Cubs right now?
a.) Good. We’re on the right track.
b.) Ok. I’m still confident.
c.) Fair. I’m concerned.
d.) Poor. We’re in trouble.
e.) Terrible. We’re doomed.

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