I decided last week, after game 2 of the Giants series, that I am going to take a pass on Cubs baseball until they play the Red Sox this weekend. 

It’s weird, kind of like a drug withdrawal I suppose.  At first, I found myself automatically turning on the Reds game this week, and then realizing the deal I made with myself…..no Cubs for one week.  After turning the channel I even started shaking a bit with some nervous fidgeting.  The Cubbie DT’s if you will.

The first few days were rough, some bad reality TV coupled with a few movie rentals.  I guess I figured that if watching the Cubs was damaging my overall morale to the extent that it was, then some time off was a good thing.  In some ways it has been. 

The only leak in my cure was that I still let myself view the box scores.  It’s almost worse! When I saw 23 men left on base in last nights contest it made me ill.  The night before we left 18.  That’s 41 men left on base over two games in a hitters ballpark.  The worst part was seeing no earned runs and four errors.  I then looked closer and saw that we had the lead through most of the game and we blew it!!!

Nobody is safe in these stats too.  Yes, Carlos Pena is finally cranking the ball out of the park.  Thank god we paid the 10 mill for something.  He is, however,  making up for contributing nothing in April.  Even our beloved Kerry Wood has chinks in is armor.  I count two games that have gone to hell and a handbasket in is last few appearances.  A trend?  You never know with Woody.

You see, that is part of the problem with this team.  It’s inconsistent.  We don’t consistently pitch well, we don’t consistently hit well, and we don’t consistently field well.  When we plug one hole, another pops up.   This ship is taking on water and there aren’t enough buckets to go around.

The lack of identity plagues this ballclub and has for some time.  It is a lack of consistency in any area of the game that keeps the identity from being defined.  When a good team gets down, or is stuck in a slump, they fall back on their identity, they tend to think “we need to get back to being this type of ballclub, that’s who we are.”

What do the Cubs say?  What type of ballclub are they?

Seriously, what is this team good at consistently,  besides leaving men on base and making errors?

Oh yes, I forgot,  I do know one thing…… they are great at making their fans miserable.

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Chet West is an IT professional living in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two daughters. He has a pug named Banks and loves photography. Follow him on Twitter @chetwest19