My round of golf was canceled at the last minute on Saturday, so I had the pleasure of attending my first Cubs game of the year.  It was a doozy, filled with the usual sloppy defense, questionable coaching decisions, and plenty of the newly priced $7 beers!   The Cubs did manage to win but it took 10 runs. The entire time I was asking myself (and anyone else who would listen to my drunken babble) questions regarding the mystery that is the 2011 Chicago Cubs.

Without further ado, here are some of the peaches that were fluttered about section 11.

1) Quite a few Cubs hitters have gotten off to a nice start (and some unexpectedly), which player is most likely to go into a slump in the month of May?

I hate to say it, but I think it will be Jeff Baker.  Somehow, he seems to be way above his usual level of performance from both sides of the dish.  Personally, I think he is having a hot start and I wish it would continue, but fair is fair and at some point he will bottom out.

2) Has Jeff Samardzija finally figured it all out?

This may be an exaggeration but Jeff seems to be “getting it”….or at least he is getting something.  A guy who couldn’t find the strike zone is now all over it.  Did Mark Riggins fix him? Is this the first Mark Riggins success story? He would be a nice surprise in relief if he can pull it all together.

3) What will Starlin Castro’s batting average be at seasons end?

My guess = .319

4) How many errors will Starlin Castro finish the season with?

My guess = infinity

5) If you had to pick one Cub from the current roster, based on April,  to represent us at the All- Star game who would it be?

Me= Starlin Castro.  It is sad because I literally cringe when even an easy grounder gets hit his way, but I am not sure anybody else stands above him. What are your thoughts? Am I missing a performance from the first month that should get recognized?

And Finally:

A fantastic article about preserving what is left of Tiger Stadium and my hometown. It is an “insider” article, so you need the subscription.

Here is bit on the MLB playoffs expansion…..say it ain’t so.

-Your official All-Star ballot.

-Not that any of us need a walk down this memory lane but I will probably watch it……

-An article about Starlin for those who know little about his past.

That’s it for this week folks…enjoy your Cubs!

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