A while back I shared my formula for “assigning blame in a loss” (AKA “who to credit for a win.) Not sure if you remember, but it was the whole concept that a game hinges on a five run benchmark, or as I refer to it in some circles “the greater then or less then five rule”.

Well, I have another rule that I carry, and I am pretty sure that it will meet a round of boos, but I’m gonna share it…..


When a prospect fails to find significant time on the big league club within four years of starting his minor league career in “A” ball, then said prospect probably won’t be a star player.

There are two things we need to define in this rule…..

1) “Significant Time” means a starting position or damn near close.  This is not a September call up.

2) I am not including time spent in Rookie ball or any other developmental stage.  For our purposes the minor league career starts at low A.

3) A star player is somebody a franchise is built around.  An All-Star not once or twice but perennially.

I created this rule because I got sick of hearing about all of the once uber talented prospects now toiling in the minors.  The fans wait and wait and wait……well I don’t anymore.  You get four years max.

Now for a challenge to the readers……

Find me one star player who spent more then four years in the minors to start their career.  I am sure there is one out there somewhere and people love to prove a writer wrong.  So fire away!

I thought about this while considering the recent success of Starlin Castro.  He shows no signs of sophomore slump, or the evil darkness that smothers young future star ballplayers.  Tyler Colvin is fighting the evil darkness as we speak…..one game winning hit at a time.  Keep up the good fight Tyler!

Odds and Ends…..

-Mike Leake stole six t-shirts.  Rumor is he put all of them on at once and forgot he was wearing them…..walked right out the front door Lohan style.  That was joke,  I am here all night folks.

-File this away in bizarre minor league nicknames.  I am referring to the team that beat the Smokies.

-Randy Wells is playing catch.  As long as I don’t see him whipping a towel around I will hold out hope.

-Did anybody know that we actually drafted Tim Lincecum?  You learn something new everyday.  Apparently he felt going to college and trying to boost his draft status was a better option…….jerk.

– Marlon Byrd is hitting .150 with runners in scoring position.  He only has 4 RBI’s.   He is our number three hitter……..nuff said…….

-…….which is why the Cubs are thinking Castro may be a good fit for the number three spot.

See you all next week!

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Chet West is an IT professional living in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two daughters. He has a pug named Banks and loves photography. Follow him on Twitter @chetwest19