Lots to talk about again here at VFTB. Here’s all the details. Hope everyone has a great week (including our Cubbies!!)


  • and Woody lost the lead in the 8th to Casey “I Became Good Just In Time For The Cubs To Trade Me To A Division Rival” McGehee.
  • I am getting a little exasperated with Jeff Alphabet on the mound however, he’s twirling balls more often that Elton John..
  • It is too early to be getting our undies in a bunch with reporters!
  • My security word is golf. Which is what I believe the Cubs will be playing in October.
  • We could replace our first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, left fielder, center fielder, right fielder, third and fifth starting pitchers, and four of our relievers with the Hackensack Bulls and maybe lose four games in the standings.
  • there are certain artistic freedoms that come with being on top of the Lizzie Leader-board.
  • It’s early in the season so I am happy to get off to a great Lizzie start but the season is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Koyie Hill is still on the team. Sorry, I should really keep comments like that to myself.
  • Soto is hitting under .200, and no one even mentions him here. But Pena, for gods sake……better get out there and beat him down.
  • always a fan of Buddy posts. (skim-skim-skim-find something really funny-back to top-read-read-find more clever lines-read-read-comment)
  • When you have one or two bad guys on your roster, you can hide them. When 20% suck, it’s hard not to notice.
  • Not that I think Russell is the answer, but it would have been interesting to see how he would have done if the Cubs would have played defense.
  • At this rate, by winter I will have enough would to heat my home.
  • I don’t have anything amusing or topical at the moment, but couldn’t resist typing TICKLE in the little box.
  • if you get a “subscription package” of some sort from a cable or internet service, one hell of a baseball orgy can ensue on any given night of the week.
  • I am pretty sure nobody in Florida even knows they have a team.
  • every time he takes a huge cut at the ball I cover my testicles.  It’s reactionary, I can’t help it.
  • I attended one such game last April where the attendance (it’s free) was 2. Me and a nice little baseball Annie in the opposite teams stands.
  • It is great to get the persepctive of other teams and their fans, I found it calmed me to know I wasn’t the only one tortured by his favorite baseball team.
  • Chet, You confused me before and now you’re doing it again so I have to ask…What are these other divisions of which you speak?
  • I had brunch with Jake Fox last Sunday. He’s fine. He said to tell everybody “hello.” Rich Hill didn’t return my calls.
  • I could have never imagined that Barney in particular would be as good as he’s been so far this year.
  • It’s no surprise that Zambrano was on tilt, the good news is that he didn’t trash the Gatorade cooler or take a swing at Aramis.
  • My word was seymour. I had to post.


  • Well, since I ripped Marlon Byrd last week he has turned into a doubles machine, so all I have to say is that Marlon Byrd Sucks, Carlos Pena sucks, Garza Sucks, Wood sucks, in fact the Cubs suck and they’d be lucky to beat my hometown High School squad. There.

Lizzie Standings

Each week I’ll post the cumulative standings for the Lizzie contest. Remember you get one point for each Lizzie and three points for a Lizard. We currently have 23 commenters with points. Here are the top 10 (actually 11 since there are a few ties).

1.) Doc Raker
1.) jswanson
3.) Buddy
3.) Chet
5.) Seymour
6.) Chuck
7.) Aaron
7.) Rich Beckman
9.) cap’n obvious
10.) Joe Aiello
10.) MJ

The Weekly Aura

Last week I started up a weekly survey to get a feel for the aura around here. How are you feeling about the team and the way it’s playing? Each week I’ll tell you the previous week’s aura, and ask you to rate how you are feeling this week. When we’ve got a few weeks under our belts I’ll even post the results as a graph so we can watch how we’re feeling as the year progresses. Last week we were at about a B-. If I graded on a curve I’d have scored it a solid B.

How are you feeling about the Cubs now?
a.) Good. We’re on the right track.
b.) Ok. I’m still confident.
c.) Fair. I’m concerned.
d.) Poor. We’re in trouble.

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