It is the eve of the 2011 MLB season and I find myself with rogue thoughts running through the open void known as my head.  The surprising characteristic most of these thoughts share is positivity.

I’ve been down on the Cubs for so long you can practically see it dripping from each word I write.  Bad signing after bad signing….macaroni noodle after Toyota sign….long before Milton Bradley etched his name on a Cubs contract my demeanor was ugly. Yes, for the record I hated the deal from the moment its concept was uttered.  However, like a scorned lover I came back for more….time and time again.


This past week Cub fans have experienced a cleansing of sorts.  The release of Carlos Silva was something unexpected to most of us.  It snuck up on me like a shart.  In typical Cubs fashion it ended like one too and if you have not heard about the messy fallout then read here.

Regardless of how it came to an end it signifies one important thing; a change in philosophy and the end of the Milton Bradley era.   While I don’t think the Cubs are moving mountains with his dismissal, I do feel like the organization is trying to turn a corner.  They decided to serve the youth of the organization at the expense of a bloated contract.  Granted, that corner could take another season or so to negotiate, at least the wheel is turning.

So I ask you VFTB nation, does this move give you hope? maybe a shred?

Or do you feel were better suited with Silva in the rotation?

A summer of baseball…….

I have decided to attempt something ridiculous.  I recently purchased the MLB TV package from  I did this in an effort to catch more Tigers games (yes, I am a Detroit native and Tiger fan.)  I chose this instead of Directv’s package.  No reason other then cost.  My new goal, however,  is to follow one team from each division for the entire season.  Insane, yes! Doable, yes! Will it happen for the whole season…..we’ll see!

My hope is to gain more knowledge about the league as a whole.  Plus, I need baseball to watch when the Cubs have a day game and such.  It’s always good to have on in the background too.

My question to the readers…….what team should I follow from each division?

Currently, I follow the Tigers, so they are my AL Central team.  The Cubs are obviously my NL Central team.  I have no other real allegiances so the East and West divisions in both leagues are up for grabs.

I do however have a few teams that I refuse to follow:




I fall into a dreary slumber watching these guys play….no thanks.



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