Good morning! Before we get to the week in review, allow me a bit of administrative business. I’ll be off next week (March 21) but never fear, we’ll do a double-up week in review on the 28th so your witty offerings will not go unnoticed! And by then we’ll be < 100 hours from BTC (baseball that counts!) Yay! Here’s this week’s best.


  • least favorite: grabow…i’m gonna assume I don’t have to explain why.
  • Favorite: Ryan Dempster. He does his work, goes about his business and is a role model to the other players.
  • The bunny-hop is also indefensible.
  • My favorite Cub is whoever is at bat, or fielding on a given play. If they are in a Cub Uniform, I like ‘em.
  • Least fave is whoever will start the next fight. I’m afraid Hill might give someone the finger. Literally. Just hand it to someone.
  • to like a player i have to believe they are proud to wear a cub uniform, work as hard as they can, and be a team player.
  • These feelings are deepened if said fantasy camper is wearing his (or her)fantasy camp uniform, which assuredly is too tight and has the camper’s last name affixed above some lame number, like 69.
  • But he was our cheater, and I rooted for him to smash said ball at every at bat. Overwhelming acne and shriveled testes be dammed.
  • The Cubs might very well have the dominant closer of the 20 teens. He is fun to watch.
  • I agree Seymour. I root for every Cub, even the crappy ones.
  • Holy Shit, I hate my Senator.
  • Soriano. I really, REALLY dislike him. Didn’t like him on the Nats, didn’t like him on the Yanks, don’t like him now. But hey, at least I’m consistent
  • Least Favorite – John Grabow, he’s terrible but somehow manages to keep getting called into games. That and he gave me the evil eye at a game in 2009 when I was sitting near the Bartman seat.
  • I like a little more fire and passion from a supposed team leader.
  • Favorite: Seymour- his Cubs uniform is to tight and his jersey number is 69.
  • While we learned in grade school that fighting never solved anything, it is said that a good dugout donnybrook can actually be a positive for team morale.
  • When I was at fantasy camp, Seymour, wearing his tight Cubs uniform, got in a donnybrook with our second baseman, who was wearing a very tight Cubs uniform and looked better in it than Seymour, over an error on a possible 6-4-3 double play. Seymour felt he got tagged with the error when it was really the 67 year old stock brokers fault. Rumor was Seymour and the stock broker had a falling out the previous year over a bad stock pick that cost Seymour $2.86 in losses. We went on to a 1st place finish going 8-2.
  • One of my favorite early Cubs memories was when The Hawk went nuts in the dugout.
  • If I had just gone out and stunk up the joint the way Silva did, I’m not sure I ask Zambrano for advice on how to rebound.
  • Somewhere along the line, our society started spitting out a whole mess of pussies with entitlement disorders.
  • Will Starlin Castro be in the batter’s box this summer thinking, “I’m really tired and I don’t feel like playing today, but that fight back in spring training was awesome. I better suck it up and play harder!”?
  • @swanson–Great Clip my man. Doc Raker had that same hairdo, and I’d bet that same shirt back in ’91.
  • Anybody else notice a younger, darker haired, similarly pot bellied Sweet Lou in there?
    the Hawk saying he had “still been a bit perturbed” during the bat incident. If that was perturbed, I’d hate to see him when he’s really steamed.
  • I had more hair in 91 Capn but I dig that shirt.
  • That picture brings back great memories of a simpler time, when I could enjoy the magnificence of Z without agonizing over his faults, and when Barrett was an unlikeable punk who needed to be put in his place.
  • My booze intake went up in 2010 and I blame it on the Cubs.
  • What we needed was insurance.  We needed more runs!!!!
  • If your losing games 3-2, 3-1,3-0 then the offense did not do enough.  If you are losing games 7-5, 8-6, 9-4 then the pitching staff is at fault.
  • So I have my system and you probably have yours.  If you don’t you can adopt mine and call it your own with your friends.
  • Grabow and Silva make this team because of the money owed.
  • Cubdom is in my blood, I blame my family.
  • you can wave your purse at a 55 foot breaking ball and swipe first.
  • So now I wonder if I am sinning to pass on my Cubdom to my children.
  • Doc, it is only a sin if the Cubs don’t win a World Series in your kids lifetime…….
  • Oh snap… just noticed that Chet slipped in a little double entendre on us in the title of this post. Well played, sir.
  • I have a hard time believing that the Cubs have the stones to admit that the last couple of years of the Soriano contract is probably a sunk cost and starts platooning him.
  • See, I think this is the inherent problem with MLB. There is always some new way to shoot itself in the foot.
  • I suspect the Cubs payroll categorically eliminates the Cinderella story angle.
  • It may be entertaining to watch 220lbs of man meat plow into a quarterback’s blindside, but the consequences ten years down the road aren’t worth it.
  • What is NASCAR?
  • NASCAR is sort of like baseball, but with cars instead of athletes and a whole lot of gitn er done. When they git er done, they drink milk.
  • If the Phillies win 125 games, I’ll eat a Buick.
  • Between the slowdown of games, the superfluous amount of advertising necessary to get the games on TV, the mediocre play of many teams (I’m in a KC market… it’s not pretty), and MLB’s ridiculous old school stance on pretty much everything, it’s easy to see why the other sports are king these days.
  • This doesn’t look good, nobody better than a coin flip to reach potential?
  • Set clocks forward Saturday night. More daylight means we are closer to opening day.
  • Lemaheiu has a decent shot…the Cubs always love a halfway decent 2b from LSU
  • I could crap it up out there for a lot le$$.
  • “Hello Padres, what do you want for AG?” Padres, “blah blah blah your first born and your wife every Wednesday night”. Hendry, “done, send him over”.


  • Was it relief or was it the runs?

Monday Discussion Question

There’s been some talk here and elsewhere about the Cubs’ defensive skills (or lack thereof) and there are varying schools of thought about how much it may matter. With that in mind, here’s a would-you-rather type question for you.

  • Would you rather your team have stellar defense and mid-range offense, or stellar offense and mid-range defense?

For clarification, let’s suppose “stellar” means best in league, and “mid-range” means exactly in the middle of the pack.

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