Every year I pick up my copies of two books to aid in my knowledge of the farm system. Only one of them has arrived. The 2011 Minor League Baseball Analyst is a different kind of prospect handbook. In it, they rate prospects skills as well as assign them a ceiling for their career, complete with the likelihood they will live up to those projections. Let’s take a look at what the Cubs have stocked up on the shelves of the minor league system.

Each player is assigned a number score from 1-10 and a letter score from A-E. Here is what those scores translate to:

10 = Hall of Fame Player
9 = Elite Player
8 = Solid Regular
7 = Average Regular
6 = Platoon Player
5 = MLB Reserve
4 = Top Minor Leaguer
3 = Average Minor Leaguer
2 = Minor League Reserve
1 = Minor League Roster Filler

Probability Rating to Reach potential
A = 90%
B = 70%
C = 50 %
D = 30%
E = 10%


Hitters are rated in four skills from 1-5 stars with a rating of 3 being average. The skills evaluated are: Power, Average / Strike zone judgment, Speed, and Defense. 5 = Excellent, 4 = above average, 3 = average, 2 = below average, 1 = awful

Darwin Barney (7C) – Barney’s best of the four skills are his speed and defense. Both come in with four stars. He has no power and below average strike zone judgment with a rating of two. Potential: Utility IF

Kyler Burke (7D) – Rated two stars in all four categories, but he’s a sleeper candidate of mine for 2011. I think we’ll see big things from him. I’ve not given up on him yet. Potential: Platoon 1B

Tony Campana (8D) – His speed is rated a 4, but I’ve seen this guy run. He’s like lightning. Defense and average are both 3 and his power is a 2. I don’t rate him as high as they do overall, but I think they’re too low on the speed. He stole 48 bases last year and 55 the year before, and remember the minor league season is shorter. Potential: Starting CF

Wellington Castillo (7C) – Below average in all areas except his defense, which comes in at a 4. Potential: Backup Catcher

Steve Clevenger (7C) – Good plate discipline, but below average in other areas. Potential: Backup Catcher

Ryan Flaherty (7C) – Average in all areas except batting average. Potential: Utility IF

Micah Gibbs (7C) – Switch hitting catcher with above average defense, but below average in the remaining areas. Potential: Starting Catcher

Reggie Golden (8D) – Centerfielder drafted in 2010 out of high school. The ceiling is high for him because of his 5-tool potential. Above average speed and defense and average power and batting average has him come in with a Potential: Starting CF

Jae-Hoon Ha (8D) – Korean OF prospect had a really nice year in 2010. Average tools all around. Potential: Starting OF

Brett Jackson (9C) – Above average power and average to go with average speed and defense has fans excited and ranking Jackson as the top hitting prospect in the system. Potential: Starting CF

D.J. LeMahieu (8D) – He hit a walkoff home run last week, but don’t expect that from him. Average in all areas except speed with ranks slightly below average. Potential: Starting 2B

Pierre LePage (7C) – According to the book “High energy 2B prospect” with average speed and batting average but below average defense and power. Potential: Starting 2B

Nelson Perez (8E) – Above average power and defense with average speed and batting average. Potential: Starting RF

Matt Szczur (9E) – Speedy OF with average plate discipline, but below average power and defense. He’s a pretty raw prospect because he spent time playing football at Villanova as well. Jeff Samardzija part Deux? – Potential: Starting CF

Josh Vitters (9E) – His stock is dropping. He still has elite potential, but the probability is waning on it. 2011 needs to be a big year for Josh. Good power and average plate discipline, but speed and defense are not his strong points. A lot of scouts believe we’ll see a move to 1B for Vitters if he continues to struggle defensively. Potential: Starting 3B

Logan Watkins (7D) – Above average plate discipline to go with average speed and defense. Not much of a power hitter, but still has some upside. Potential: Starting 2B

Curiously, Marquez Smith didn’t make the book. That surprises me a little bit. Overall, we’ve got 3 guys with elite player potential. I think we really need to hit on two of those, preferably Jackson and Vitters.

Thoughts on the list?

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