I mentioned yesterday that the Cardinals lost Adam Wainwright because his arm fell off. It’s been revealed that it will require Tommy John surgery to re-attach said arm, which means he’s done before the season even has a chance to get started. He never even got a chance to run the towel drills and take his spring training runs. So sad. Jason Stark wrote:

If there’s a word that describes Adam Wainwright’s impact on the Cardinals better than any other right now, it’s this:


Jason, Jason, Jason…Don’t you know that the Cubs are a generous team, led by a generous GM? Don’t believe me? Just look at history. Hendry was generous to Carlos Zambrano when he asked. He was generous with Kosuke Fukudome. He was extremely generous with Alfonso Soriano. Think it’s only older players? Nope, just ask Jeff Samardzija who’s been making millions in the minors since 2007.

John Mozeliak needs to get his butt on the phone and see if Jimbo couldn’t extend some charity his way. This could be the very reason why Jimmy stockpiled on the SP’s this off-season. He sensed the opportunity to be a giver and now is the time it will play out.

Do the nice thing, Jim. Give the Cards Todd Wellemeyer, Braden Looper and even throw in John Grabow. Heck, we don’t even need payment for them. Consider it a gift.

In all seriousness, I wonder how the Cardinals approach this loss. This division is not a lock for any team. I don’t see a clear cut, set in stone, favorite. When that’s the case, you have to make a move to try to recoup some losses and try to compete. Obviously they’re not going to come looking for our names, but it would be nice.

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