Pickins are slim this week, so thank goodness Spring Training starts TO-DAY! I’m so excited about it I almost forgot it’s also a very important holiday: Happy Valentine’s Day (included as a favor to the guys around here who may have forgotten their sweeties … thank me later!)

Don’t miss our Monday discussion question just after the very brief week in review!


  • Fuku does not stink in April, he stinks in July, August and September and in May and June is on a slippery slope of stinky but serviceable.
  • HSA (Hyper Statistical Analysis….yeah, I made it up).
  • What is worse; a player who staggers to the plate hungover or even drunk, a player who uses PED’s (these include greenies, HGH, Steroids) to enhance his ability, or a player who uses foreign substances to doctor a baseball or bat thus giving him an advantage?
  • I’m not sure letting everyone in is the answer, but I’m damn sure letting the writers decide is not the answer.
  • It’s similar to letting a personal injury lawyer replace your heart valve, not a wise choice.


  • The ‘stache will help because it makes him look like he has a sense of humor.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Many Cubbies have been training for months already! Seymour has given us a pretty good run down of those he spotted at camp while he was there last month, and that paired with some off-season moves gives me hope that I didn’t expect to have this year. How about you? Are you feeling:

a.) hopeful
b.) indifferent
c.) discouraged

Or some combination? And why?

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