By the time I post my next GirlieView, pitchers and catchers will be in Arizona. And thank goodness for that. It’s becoming more and more difficult to think up something new and exciting to discuss. Or even something old and boring. Nevertheless I thought up another prediction you guys can make for next season. This one’s much easier than predicting the entire roster, while still challenging. Look for our Monday Morning Discussion Question after the (brief) week in review.


  • Today is Ernie Banks birthday (80). Wish him a happy one.
  • Sunglasses-guy emoticon, how I hate thee..
  • I predict no one will be 100% correct, the Cubs will make a trade during ST and the roster will have a name on it that isn’t a Cub right now.
  • Made myself clear on how I stand on Hill still being around, but if Augie forces a guy off the 40-man to make the Opening Day roster, you might as well call me in 2012.
  • I also don’t understand the Ojeda signing. We already have two weak-hitting middle infielders with limited range. Do we get a free sandwich if we collect five of them?
  • It’s the move that got everyone drinking the kool-aid again.
  • no one to back up at 3B
  • Sorry we don’t live up to your obviously high standards around these parts. Perhaps you’d be better served at one of those wine and cheese blogs.
  • Wouldn’t it be a WHINE and cheese blog?


  • My problem is that I feel like the Cubs don’t have a direction.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Predict the starting rotation, in order, as it will stand on Opening Day. I’ll dig up one prize for this one. If multiple people select the same correct five in the same correct order (as I’m sure some will) I’ll pick randomly among them. Post your prediction up to and including February 12 to qualify for the prize. Good luck!

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