Good morning! Today (or, rather, last night) officially starts “Superbowl Week”. So what? This isn’t a football blog! Here’s why it’s relevant. Superbowl Week, to me, has always felt like the very, very beginning of baseball. It’s not a football celebration. It’s a “yay football is over now baseball can start” celebration! Don’t get me wrong. I like football as much as the next girlie and I will thoroughly enjoy the game and associated festivities. But once that’s out of the way, it’s full steam ahead to spring training. And I say, bring it on!

Special thanks to Seymour for all the Fantasy Camp play-by-play reports including that “our guys” are looking good and are excited for the season to come. That in turn makes me excited for the season to come! Don’t miss our discussion question at the end. It will take some thought but it’s good to get the mind stimulated on a Monday morning and I might be able to rustle up a prize or three (tiny, don’t get excited) for those who guess best! First, the week in review!


  • Well, now that the Jets have given me the annual letdown, it’s time for to focus on the Cubs annual letd…..I mean World Series drive.
  • Big highlights of yesterday included a double header sweep and a Doc Raker homer (inside the park, very large piano on his back from 3rd to home).
  • I propose a trade. Three prospects to the Todd Hundley Fantasy Squad for Doc Raker. Revised lineup… Raker, Geo, Byrd, Rami, Sori, Pena, Castro, Colvin…
  • Seymour played a very good 3rd base and I think only one ball hit his protective cup after bouncing off his glove, all other cup shot’s were direct.
  • Have fun Seymour. Don’t twist a teste.
  • No twisted mister today.
  • Doc Raker=2006 Mark Prior. Plus or minus $8 million a year.
  • One of the greatest aspects of being affiliated with the Sweet Spot network is the collaboration that takes place with the other writers.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of grumbling about Gorz leaving and it seems like Hendry bashing for the sake of Hendry bashing. I’m not in his corner but this trade doesn’t seem to be the disaster everyone thinks.
  • If you’re not a Garza fan now, you will be soon.
  • Soriano is 34 (maybe), is basically a DH standing in LF, and has trouble staying healthy.
  • Sad thing is, I would have been happy to see the Cubs send $5 million a year till 2014 plus take back Napoli and Rivera to get rid of Soriano.
  • sure one was a lost in the sun pop up to a 64 year old accountant in right field that fell for a ‘hit’, but we take those at the camp, come cocktail hour they are all line drives.
  • it was a day and age when an eight or nine year old could try out and not get selected for a team.  Parents didn’t file a grievance against the league for damaging their child’s ego or accusing the league of elitist behavior.  They just understood that their little Charlie wasn’t good enough and baseball may not be his calling.
  • official scorer’s always been my best position
  • I would love to be a catcher
  • Catcher.
  • CF is my true outfield position
  • 3b.
  • If I were a major leaguer, which, by the way, is as big as a stretch can be, the position that would suit me would be shortstop.
  • Pitching would be my calling. I would hope to use some of my Doc Gooden ability with my Greg Maddux brains to own the league.
  • I would play 2nd base because i’m white, slow, can’t throw the ball far/accuarte, and my bat has no power…basically i’d be the second coming of aaron miles
  • I catch every day
  • I now play a lot of short stop but I think 2b suits me best.
  • I played 2B and OF as a kid, that’s what I would probably do.
  • i love 3b
  • I have great admiration for catchers, but on the few occasions when I’ve played softball/baseball I’m usually at first base.
  • I’d give my left nut to be a bullpen catcher in the bigs for a year.
  • I still fancy myself as quite the defensive first baseman
  • If I could pick, I think I’d like to be in the bullpen.
  • Third is still my favorite position.
  • If I was in the major leagues I would think I’d probably play 1B.
  • You know the saying: “Fool me seven times, shame on you. Fool me eight, shame on me”
  • Why not just put Soriano in the bullpen……we seem to be suggesting moving him like a chess piece.
  • I think Soriano might get killed by a line drive in the face if he played 3B. I’m not a Soriano fan, but I don’t wish death on him.
  • I also had a long conversation with Jeff Samardzija, arranged by a mutual friend. It did not include spelling lessons.
  • This mornings meeting was a real treat. All of camp Colvin came in and fielded questions for about an hour and a half. All are skinnier than they look on TV, except Jay Jackson, who looks like a full back. Colvin showed us his scar, Josh Vitters,Darwin Barney, Demp, Samardj, Russell, Koie Hill, Berg, Adducci, and about 15 others shared stories of their experiences so far. They dished dirt on coaches they had had (notably Davis and Sandberg), and it was a blast. They have a very positive out look on the upcoming season, and are there weeks ahead of the reporting date. Save your dough for fantasy camp, it’s awesome.


  • i have seen many championships . problem is , i would trade them all to see my most loved team , the cubs , win one .

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Ok, the table has been set, the non-roster invitees know who they are (and so do we!) So, name your Opening Day 25-man Cubs roster. As I said earlier, I will attempt to rustle up a (small) prize for maybe the three closest to the mark! Only posts from this coming week will be eligible (Monday, January 31 through Sunday, February 6) and we’ll award the prizes as soon as the season starts and we can tally up the results. Good luck!

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