Good Monday morning! With Randy Hundley’s fantasy camp in full swing, I’m anxious to hear from our fellow VFTB’ers who are annual attendees. Not sure if they participated in last week’s session or this week’s (or both?) but I’m hoping they’ll share some stories with us! Meanwhile, here’s last week’s best.


  • I’m fine with the idea of juggling lead-off hitters, as so long as Baker and DeWitt are not two of the juggling balls.
  • Our team is built for homers (pun intended)
  • I will forthwith be referring to the Cub leadoff platoon as the itty-bitty-hitty-committee, or IBHC for short.
  • if they are unhealthy (mentally and physically) they can easily sink to 70 to 75 wins and that will get you residence in Piratesville.
  • Raker, a man of your book learning should know the difference between insight and incite.
  • Actually my wife drives an insight.
  • Hey Seymour, I just figured out the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’, these things take time.
  • Seymour’s wife lacked the insight to marry better. Doc Raker is an expert in sight. Cap’t Obvious incited riotous laughter when he finished his last run at Sierra this afternoon cartwheeling ass over teakettle down Lower Main in front of roughly 80 drunken 19 year old snowboarders. End of lesson.
  • If they ask me to have Gorz turn his head and cough, I think I’m busy that day.
  • I find it ironic that the image verification for a review of a Hells Angels book to be “broad”. Only “chopper” would be more fitting.
  • I couldn’t help but day dream about doing a similar video, but it would have to be shot from the point of view of my avatar in the corner. Likely not too appetizing.
  • Take a crack at it Seymour.
  • I feel like I have just seen Norm Peterson’s wife Vera, Dr Niles Crane’s wife Maris , Magnum PI’s Robin Master’s , Mildred Potter of Colonel Potter, Mary Tyler Moore’s Chuckles the Clown, Dick Van Dykes Alan Brady, Wilson the faceless wise neighbor behind the fence of Tool Time’s Tim Taylor, Bob Newharts doorman, Charlie Townsend of Charlie’s Angels, Phylis Lindstrom’s husband Lars, The ugly naked guy from Friends, the Gong Shows unkown comic, the face of the Lone Ranger.
  • Excuses are like assholes, everybody’s got one
  • I don’t think Quade has the crotch taters to put [Zambrano] at number 2.
  • Gee, thanks Aramis, so glad you could stop by and grace us with your presence.
  • how do you replace Ron Santo?  Might be the single toughest decision of the season.
  • I like the idea of Doug Glanville though. Smart, funny, knows the game to actually be able to analyze. I think he and Pat could really do a great job.
  • I forsee a Milton Bradley reality show.
  • Small boy: Mommy gets mad at me because sometimes I don’t wear any underwear.
    Priest: Tell me more.
  • I used to think it was funny to change the channel to The Golden Girls to bug my wife. That was, until, we started liking the old bags. Thank YOU for being a friend.
  • If we’re talking bad TV that you can’t stop watching, I have four words….Saved by the Bell.


  • Thanks VFTB, you are the first blog I check every day and you are the classiest!

Monday Morning Discussion Question

I have a rather sacrilegious confession to make. I am not a Bears fan. Had they not been playing the Packers I may have rooted for them not as a fair-weather fan but just because many of my friends are fans and when my friends are happy that makes me happy. However I have a bit of a girlie-crush on Aaron Rodgers so the Packers got my vote today and I’m a happy gal. Condolences to Joe. Didn’t your Mama ever tell you it’s bad luck to flip over the calendar before its time? You started your Super Bowl countdown a few days too early my friend. :-)

As for the evening game (which is in progress as I write this) I’m in a quandary. I like Mark Sanchez however I found the Jets’ antics this year to be offputting. Conversely I like the entire Steelers team and coaching staff however I find Roethlisbergers’ antics to be offputting. In a perfect world Sanchez would play for the Steelers instead of the Jets and I’d have a clear favorite. No such luck, so I’m leaving this one up to the football gods and I’ll be happy with either outcome. How about you? Did the Sunday games go your way? And who will you root for going forward (if anyone)?

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